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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1928 - 1940

The GRO Marriage Index entries for this period are shown below together with additional details where known. This additional information has been extracted from certificates or parish registers or kindly provided by fellow researchers. Accordingly, if you spot any errors or can help to fill out the additional information columns, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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  Forename   Surname   Reg.   Dist.   Vol/Page     Date   Parish   Spouse

  March   1928
  Cyril R.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 603         KIMPTON
  Percy   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 191         APPLEBY
  June   1928
  Cecil   LONGMORE   Bournemouth   2b 1660         ISAAC
  John W.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 322         PHILLIPPSON
  Percival E.A.   LONGMORE   Portsmouth   2b 1287         BROWN
  Sarah K.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1813         WALKER
  September   1928
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 126         CLARE
  Gladys I.A.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1586         WOOD
  Nora W.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   1d 732         DEVEREUX
  William   LONGMORE   Barnsley   9c 556         HARPER
  December   1928
  Alfred J.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 430         SUTTON
  Dora   LONGMORE   Barrow-upon-Soar   7a 403         BEACH
  Frances   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 362         HANCOCK
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 1863       Dudley, St Andrew   Winifred L. REDRUP
  Robert G.   LONGMORE   Brentford   3a 366         DENYER
  June   1929
  Alice R.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1626         STANTON
  Harry F.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1681         LOCKE
  Mary A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 91         JAMES
  Sarah L.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1531         HIGGS
  Thomas A.H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1328         MOLESWORTH
  September   1929
  George T.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 405         GILLAN
  Arthur J.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 450         FISK or PISK
  Edith A.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 2172         BURKE
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1851         COYNE
  Ernest A.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 894         TOMPKINSON
  Ivaline D.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 817         ARCULUS
  December   1929
  Alexander F.   LONGMOOR   Pancras   1b 15         TYLER
  Frederick   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 131       Stourbridge R.O.   Maria SKELDING
  Frederick W.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 354         MIDDLETON
  Marie L.A.   LONGMORE   Richmond Surrey   2a 1362         BOND
  Mary A.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1736         BARTLETT
  Thomas F.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1151         WOLSTENHOLME
  March   1930
  George C.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 225         DODD
  June   1930
  Agatha   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 127       Stourbridge R.O.   Frank L. GARBETT
  Eric   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 247         WHITTAKER
  Samuel J.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 344         TELFER
  September   1930
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Southwark   1d 261         BONNER
  Frederick J.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1995         BOWEN
  John N.   LONGMORE   Cheltenham   6a 1552         QUICK
  Muriel D.M.   LONGMORE   Warwick   6d 2220         MOTH
  Suzanne   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1760         BARKER
  December   1930
  Mary A.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 212         HOGARTH
  Charles F.S.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1449         HODKISS
  Edward   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1651         CARPENTER
  Evelyn   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 377         CREW
  William   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 2103         WALKER
  March   1931
  Horace   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 91         TUNNICLIFF
  June   1931
  Ena V.   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 1630         TEMPLE
  John F.   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 1120       St Luke, Cannock   Rhoda COTTERILL
  Kathleen A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 516         LUCK
  September   1931
  Horace   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 353         MCKIE
  Hilda   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1969         HARRISON
  Phyllis K.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1733         CUTLER
  December   1931
  Beatrice   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 1125       Register Office, Cannock   Arnold S. STEVENS
  Harry   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1523         MACKENZIE
  March   1932
  Francis W.   LONGMORE   Southampton   2c 1         MOLE
  William   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1272         FORRESTER
  William   LONGMORE   Doncaster   9c 1565         STEWART
  June   1932
  Ada   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 972         BIRCH
  Eleanor   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1391         COOPER
  Hilda F.   LONGMORE   Birkenhead   8a 1197         MILROY
  John T.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1226         BENTON
  Margery   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 427         JONES
  September   1932
  Irene C.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1627         TAYLOR
  James   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 455         WOOLLARD
  December   1932
  Edith M.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 309         RODGER
  Harold   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1627         O'NEIL
  Mary L.   LONGMORE   Barnsley   9c 452         WESLEY
  Muriel P.   LONGMORE   Lewisham   1d 1832         SHEATH
  Reuben J.   LONGMORE   Doncaster   9c 1962         BROTHWELL or ELVIDGE
  March   1933
  Gladys   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 176         FINNEY
  Kathleen   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 864         SMALL
  Leah E.L.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 187         JONES
  June   1933
  Albert   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 235         RHODES
  Arthur E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 758         HARVEY
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1539         ASH
  Dora   LONGMORE   Burton   6b 842         TENNANT
  Ernest   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1444         PAGE
  Herbert J.   LONGMORE   Brentford   3a 418         SHEPHERD
  James L.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 207         BRADLEY
  Sybil L.M.   LONGMORE   Sherborne   5a 907         DAY
  September   1933
  Donald G.   LONGMORE   Epsom   2a 2         WILSON
  Gladys   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1757         LLOYD
  Martha   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1981         HENEFER
  Walter   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1320         HECKFORD
  December   1933
  Enos   LONGMORE   Fylde   8e 1323         MOSER
  Frances A.M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1582         BETTERIDGE
  George A.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 227         PIDGEON
  Herbert W.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 22       Brierley Hill, St Michael   Helen A. HOPE
  Marjorie I.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1580         SMITH
  Morgan   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 54       Wordesley, Holy Trinity  Winnie SHILLINGFORD
  Walter   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 1117       St Peter, Hednesford   Mary ASTON
  March   1934
  Doris   LONGMORE   Barnsley   9c 446         PECK
  Rudolph   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1245         BISSELL
  September   1934
  Annie   LONGMORE   Smethwick   6b 2254         COX
  Claude E.   LONGMORE   Kingswinford   6b 2673       Brierley Hill, St John   Mary E. BULLOCK
  Henry E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 1562         CORBETT
  Kathleen V.M.   LONGMORE   Leeds North   9b 1022         ROBSHAW
  Robert W.   LONGMORE   Doncaster   9c 2322         HELLEWELL
  December   1934
  Elizabeth A.   LONGMOOR   Darlington   10a 13         WATERS
  Robert   LONGMORE   Louth   7a 1501         BLACKBOND
  Robert H.   LONGMORE   Westminster   1a 1112         GREEN
  Florence M.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 431         COOPER
  March   1935
  Alfred   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1120         HAYWOOD
  Alma   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 401         SHEPPARD
  Daphne   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 628         BISHOP
  Josiah H.   LONGMORE   St. Asaph   11b 443         SALE
  Lilian E.   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 300         JOBSON
  Walter F.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   1d 370         KILLICK
  June   1935
  Sarah   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 325         BURTON
  Florence E.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1999         CARTWRIGHT
  Gwendoline I.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1657         RAYBOULD
  Janet M.   LONGMORE   Westminster   1a 1138         WORTH
  John T.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 815         GREEN
  Leslie H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1714         JOHNS
  Lily   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 433         MOUNTFORD
  Lily W.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1439         MARTIN
  September   1935
  Annie S.   LONGMORE   Hackney   1b 1274         HUGGETT
  Charles W.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 321         BENNETT
  Edward   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 1354       Register Office, Cannock   Minnie THOMPSON
  Marjorie E.   LONGMORE   Marylebone   1a 1868         GEORGE
  Phoebe M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1873         WITHEY
  Samuel H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1806         BEECROFT
  William A.   LONGMORE   Liverpool South   8b 67       St Mary, Edge Hill   Florence HEATHCOTE
  December   1935
  Florence M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1664         SWANN
  Herbert   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1370         NEEDHAM
  Mabel A.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1984         MILLER
  Stephen   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1074         RIZON
  Thomas N.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1668         HAMMERTON
  March   1936
  Florence J.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1088         WILLIAMS
  George T.   LONGMORE   Smethwick   6b 1131         GREGORY
  June   1936
  Harold   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 497         JOHNSON
  Herbert J.   LONGMORE   Martley   6c 403         YEOMANS
  Lily   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 2103         CAPEWELL
  Mary A.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 506         MORRIS
  September   1936
  Ada   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 460         TINDALE
  Cyril J.   LONGMORE   Smethwick   6b 2336         MILLER
  Eric O.   LONGMORE   Smethwick   6b 2398         EVANS
  George F.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 787         FRANKLIN
  Phyllis   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1358         TURNER
  December   1936
  Amy   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1073         JUDGE
  Camille S.   LONGMORE   Edmonton   3a 2196         GANGE
  Doris   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1632         PEARCE
  May   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 599         HARRIS
  March   1937
  Ernest A.   LONGMORE   Liverpool South   8b 306         LARSSON
  Lily   LONGMORE   Kingswinford   6b 1853       Dudley R.O. (Kingswinford District)   Arthur BROOKES
  June   1937
  George M.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 287         DAWSON
  Sophie   LONGMOOR   Croydon   2a 1447         PARKES
  Edwin   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 867         HOYLAND
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Lewisham   1d 1992         FORSTER
  September   1937
  William L.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 388         THORNTON
  Clara V.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 649         STANLEY
  Eric   LONGMORE   Wallasey   8a 2100         THOMAS
  Irene P.   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 1877         HALL
  James   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 590         HARGREAVES
  Jane A.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 331         SHORT
  John W.   LONGMORE   Leek   6b 917       St Chad, Bagnall   Phyllis M. HOLDCROFT
  Lionel G.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 327         WRIGHT
  Ruth   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 2245         ROBERTS
  December   1937
  Frances L.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1817         GOUGH
  Rita   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 1418         ROBSON
  June   1938
  Doris M.   LONGMORE   Smethwick   6b 2369         EDWARDS
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 736         BROWN
  Florence M.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 293         DEARLOVE
  Syneas H.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 577         FLOWER
  September   1938
  Doris   LONGMORE   West Hartlepool   10a 410a         LAVERICK
  Ernest E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 66         INSULL
  Ethel M.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 338         HALL
  Hilda   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 589         BIGGS
  Mary D.   LONGMORE   Smethwick   6b 2351         GIDDINGS
  December   1938
  Albert L.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 724         MALPAS
  Florence M.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1767         BRITTAIN
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1705         WALKER
  Thomas H.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 338         PODMORE
  March   1939
  Mary D.   LONGMOOR   Surrey Mid-Eastern   2a 649         DAY
  Alan C.   LONGMORE   Tiverton   5b 1599         MATTHEWS
  June   1939
  Harold M.   LONGMOOR   Skipton   9a 125         MOSLEY
  Doris   LONGMOOR   Hertford   3a 3267         ROBERTS
  Josiah O.   LONGMOOR   Shipston   6d 2814         FREEMAN
  September   1939
  Eric   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 388         LLOYD
  Florence E.   LONGMORE   Rowley Regis   6b 2957       Brierley Hill, St Michael   George A. WALTERS
  Marjorie   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 151         HOOD
  Thomas H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 2327         DEY
  December   1939
  Dorothy E.   LONGMOOR   Durham South-Eastern   10a 337         GREEN
  Mary E.   LONGMOOR   Durham South-Eastern   10a 233         PARKER
  Constance   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 54     24/12/1939   B'ham St. James   John H.G. WHITELAM
  Dorothy   LONGMORE   Wortley   9c 1081         WARD
  Edna M.   LONGMORE   Solihull   6d 3342         John H. EDWARDS
  Ernest   LONGMORE   Wokingham   2c 2021         ALLEN
  Harold W.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 2279         DAVIS
  Ivy C.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 2324         GOOD
  Joseph H.   LONGMORE   Rowley Regis   6b 3059       Brierley Hill, St Michael   Eva M. KNOTT
  Rhoda E.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 2293         JACKAMAN
  Richard Maitland   LONGMORE   Westminster   1a 1621         Millicent BARON
  Violet   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 2324         BOWN
  March   1940
  Alice J.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 2023         COX
  Dyliss M.   LONGMORE   Rowley Regis   6b 2545       Brierley Hill, St John   Francis T. HOARE
  Frank W.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1924         CAWS
  Thomas L.   LONGMORE   Sutton Coldfield   6d 1749         PANTRY
  June   1940
  Charles G.   LONGMORE   Worcester   6c 563         PASSEY
  Dorothy L.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1929         WILSON
  Ethel   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1967         ORGILL
  Helen B.   LONGMORE   Liverpool South   8b 478         COGHILL
  Lewis   LONGMORE   Bermondsey   1d 331         CLEMENTS
  Louisa A.   LONGMORE   Pancras   1b 155         DOUBLESIN
  William Joseph Neville   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1938         Martha HADDOCK
  Yvette L.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 1513         ALLEN
  September   1940
  Henry   LONGMOOR   Sheffield   9c 1751         SIMPSON
  Arthur T.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 2713         PURCHASE
  Ernest A.   LONGMORE   Newcastle-under-Lyme   6b 189       St Mark, Basford   Sarah BAYLEY
  Isabel H.   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 4453         CLARKE
  James   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 2649         LOCKE
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Stafford   6b 105         BUNN
  Lilian C.   LONGMORE   Epping   4a 1523         CHAPMAN
  Raymond   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 2799         HOWL
  Robert   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1913         WOODHEAD
  Vera E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 1118         William J. EVANS
  Winifred   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 2722         HASKETT
  Winifred I.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 2704         BERRY
  December   1940
  Annie   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 581         CORNES
  Enos   LONGMORE   Blackpool   8e 1713         CLARK
  Freda M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1971         TAYLOR
  Marion E.   LONGMORE   Wellington   6a 2646         STEVENS
  Robert   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 2113         MILLER