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GRO Marriage Index Entries 1915 - 1927

The GRO Marriage Index entries for this period are shown below together with additional details where known. This additional information has been extracted from certificates or parish registers or kindly provided by fellow researchers. Accordingly, if you spot any errors or can help to fill out the additional information columns, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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  Forename   Surname   Reg.   Dist.   Vol/Page     Date   Parish   Spouse

  March   1915
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 184         SIMMONDS
  Ellen A.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 609         DRAKE
  Florence M.   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 1214       St Luke, Cradley Heath   Benjamin EDGE
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 691         MORTON
  Nellie M.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 16       Brierley Hill, St John  Isaac HORTON
  Phoebe   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 113         STEWARD
  June   1915
  Ada   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 23       Brierley Hill, St John   James JENNINGS
  Dorothy F.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1626         LOCKER
  September   1915
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 1050         Laura M. WHEELER
  Betsy   LONGMORE   Pontefract   9c 237         HAIGH
  Gladys E.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   1d 1187         JUDD
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 703         Arthur J. SIMMS
  December   1915
  Sarah A.A.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 223         FLOUNDERS
  Bernard   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1424         McALLEN
  Howard   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1643         FIELD
  Lizzie   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1640         ALLEN
  Ralph   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 1374         McINTYRE
  March   1916
  Septimus   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 209         CHARLTON
  Charles   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 787       St Luke, Cannock   Isabella HAMMOND
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 784       St Luke, Cannock   Albert FELTON
  June   1916
  Elizabeth J.   LONGMORE   Bromsgrove   6c 493         STEVENS
  Lilian M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1163         ROWTANCE
  Lily   LONGMORE   Merthyr Tydfil   11a 1204         BOWNS
  Mark   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1296         BORNFORTH
  Philip E.   LONGMORE   Thakeham   2b 711         CALDECOTT
  September   1916
  Edwin   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 258         HUGHES
  Eliza A.   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 269       Holy Trinity, Warrington   James O'DAY
  Emily H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1247         PARTON
  Emma L.   LONGMORE   Pancras   1b 149         HAMILTON
  Mary   LONGMORE   Tenbury   6c 181         BLUNT
  December   1916
  Rebecca   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 855         BEARDSLEY
  March   1917
  Adelaide   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 603         BAXTER
  Clara V.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 743         FIELD
  Lilian W.E.   LONGMORE   Cheltenham   6a 717         GREEN
  June   1917
  Anna   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 1381       St Martin, Tipton   John WALKER
  Walter E.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1323       St James, Wednesbury   Emily E. MOSELEY
  September   1917
  Agnes   LONGMORE   St. Martin   1a 1294         TURNER
  Frederick W.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 274         STEWART
  Lillian S.   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 1706       Dudley R.O.   Thomas WEDGE
  Maria   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 491         FOWLER
  Minnie   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 806       Register Office, West Derby   Ernest HOLMES
  December   1917
  Alexander S.   LONGMORE   Windsor   2c 1199         DUNN
  Frederick   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1464       St John, Wednesbury   Elizabeth HODGKINSON
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 29       Brierley Hill, St John   Mabel CAPEWELL
  Mabel E.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   1d 674         HELMORE
  Maria   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 73       Quarry Bank, Christ Church   William PARDOE
  March   1918
  Frank   LONGMORE   Wakefield   9c 88         WATERS
  Grace E.   LONGMORE   Toxteth Park   8b 328       Register Office, Toxteth Park   Alexander W. HENDERSON
  William   LONGMORE   Wellington Salop   6a 1343         HARPER
  June   1918
  Rebecca   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 1305         GRIFFITHS
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Merthyr Tydfil   11a 1256         JACKSON
  September   1918
  Agatha   LONGMORE   Merthyr Tydfil   11a 1286         VAUGHAN
  Ellen M.   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6d 318         TIMMINS
  Frederick G.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1336         ADAMS
  Harry B.   LONGMORE   Brighton   2b 672         WALLER
  Thomas H.   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 974       Register Office, West Derby   Margaret C. CADDICK
  December   1918
  Alice   LONGMORE   Willesden   3a 558         MARTIN
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1003         ASHTON
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1203         TURNER
  Edgar   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1226         GLEESON
  Elsie   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 973         DAVIS
  Henry   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 1717       Dudley R.O.   Mabel HILL
  John   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1158         BUTLER
  Sarah J.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 424         SMITH
  March   1919
  Helen J.   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 1329         SMEATHMAN
  June   1919
  Catherine   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 285         INGRAM
  Alice M.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 597         EARL
  Annie B.   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 2140         HOWARD
  Daniel   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 694         MANSELL
  George T.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 1033         BUZZARD
  James   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 1731         BROWN
  Nellie M.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 688         BEATTIE
  Oscar F.   LONGMORE   Southwell   7b 1267         LEE
  Walter   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 361         THEADON
  September   1919
  Ernest   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 534       Register Office, Warrington   Annie M. STANDING
  Ivy A.   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6d 300         WOOLLEY
  December   1919
  Harry   LONGMORE   Sheffiled   9c 1215         BOWLER
  Mary L.   LONGMORE   Barnsley   9c 539         BENNETT
  March   1920
  Albert   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1088         HUGHES
  Annie E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 489         WHITEHOUSE
  June   1920
  Alfred J.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1943         TALBOT
  Elizabeth A.   LONGMORE   Royston   3a 1859         WEBB
  Fannie   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 2361       Register Office, West Bromwich   Alfred G. COATES
  Florence   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1399         CLARKE
  Frank   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 2220       St Bartholomew, Wednesbury   Fanny KEATES
  September   1920
  Edward   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 778     11/09/1920   B'ham St. Nicolas   Margaret WILLIAMS
  Horace R.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 2070         CRADDOCK
  December   1920
  Arthur S.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1052         BLAGG
  Bertram H.   LONGMORE   Wandsworth   1d 1336         SARGENT
  Cora H.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 178         JOHNSON
  Elsie M.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 140       Stourbridge R.O.   John T. RAYBOULD
  Emily M.   LONGMORE   Chorlton   8c 1804         YATES
  Ernest H.   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 2105       Dudley St Augustine   Annie CAVE
  Leonard   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 303       St Barnabas, Warrington   Edith HUGHES
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1881       St Bartholomew, Wednesbury   Elizabeth SLATER
  March   1921
  Albert   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 229         WESTON
  Albert   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 169         WATSON or WESTON
  Ernest L.   LONGMORE   Loughborough   7a 368         SUTTON
  George   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 392         YATES
  September   1921
  Ella   LONGMOOR   Chester-le-Street   10a 1094         WATSON
  Alice   LONGMORE   Burton   6b 849         OVEREND
  Elsie I.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 321         WILSON
  Marie   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1552         GILES
  Mark   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1641         DOLAN
  Mona M.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 715         MATTHEWS
  December   1921
  Alice C.  [should be Alice Ellen]   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1687         STEVENSON
  Bertha   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 677         NIGHTINGALE
  Elsie   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 254         POINTON
  George   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1827         COSTIGAN
  Gladys E.M.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 204         BUNCE
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1697         KENDRICK
  Robert   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1692         HEATH
  March   1922
  John S.   LONGMORE   Stratton   5c 8         BEAMAN
  Mary   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 697         JONES
  May   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 697         JONES
  Sarah A.   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 148         WOODCOCK
  June   1922
  Edward   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 1059         JONES
  John B.   LONGMORE   Marylebone   1a 1469         ADAMS
  Reginald A.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 6151         GROSE
  Robert   LONGMORE   Easington   10a 912         LYNCH
  September   1922
  Richard A.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 314         DAVIES
  Aubrey C.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1689         STEPHENS
  Doris E.   LONGMORE   Birkenhead   8c 1507         PEERS
  Horace A.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 293         JOBLING
  William   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 397         STEVENSON
  December   1922
  Alfred   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1428         ROWSTRON
  Charles M.   LONGMORE   Salisbury   5a 423         HAMMICK
  George E.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 232         ALLERY
  James   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 245       St Thomas, Kidsgrove   Phoebe JONES or MANSELL
  James   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 1862       Dudley R.O.   Edith WARE
  Lewis   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 866         THOMPSON
  Lilian   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 367         BOOTH
  Lily D.B.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 1161         NUTTALL
  Margaret   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 372         WINDSOR
  Sarah A.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 864         HULSE
  March   1923
  Hugh   LONGMOORE   Chesterfield   7b 1139         FEARN
  Edmund G.W.   LONGMORE   Souyth Shields   10a 1210         WALLACE
  June   1923
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE  [nee BOARDMAN]   Aston   6d 841         Charles Garnet JEGGO
  George H.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 998         NOCK
  Mary   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1605         NICHOLLS
  Thomas J.B.   LONGMORE   Islington   1b 297         ARMSTRONG
  William H.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 76       Stourbridge, St Thomas   Sarah J. DOCKERTY
  September   1923
  Amy E.   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 1192       Register Office, West Derby   Sidney J. WHITTICK
  Evelyn   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 367         LATHAM
  Florence M.   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 1570         WILKINSON
  George   LONGMORE   Eccleshall B.   9c 865         PATRICK
  James   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 1183         GARGAN
  John T.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 376         SMITH
  Reginald C.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1639         FAIRBURN
  December   1923
  Alfred   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6d 185         GORDON
  Frank D.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1718         BULL
  Harry   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 88       Stourbridge, St Thomas   Jane PARTON
  James W.   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 288       St Anne, Warrington   Ada LAWRINSON
  Reginald S.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 529         BLAKEMAN
  Victoria G.   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6d 177         LORD
  March   1924
  Clarence   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 701       St Luke, Cannock   Elsie L. DEVEY
  Elsie   LONGMORE   Maidstone   2a 1324         MURRELL
  Francis L.   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6d 79         HAVEN
  Jack   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 963    19/01/1924   Walsall Reg. Office   Ivy Beatrice WILKINSON
  Leonard J.   LONGMORE   Orsett   4a 371         MURRELL
  Thomas J.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 981         JOHNSON
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1126         HICKMAN
  June   1924
  Lillian   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 272         ANGEL
  Pretoria M.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 1061         BOARDMAN
  William   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 764         ALLEN
  September   1924
  Albert   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1977         GODDARD or LEWIN
  Alice   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 419         GROSVENOR
  Eva   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 423       St Paul, Warrington   Cecil GRIFFITHS
  Rose H.   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 2183         ROLINSON
  Adeline E.   LONGMORE   Hereford   6a 1134         WOOD
  Clarence F.   LONGMORE   Birmingham North   6d 984         WILLIAMS
  Ethel M.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1691         JASPER
  Sydney H.   LONGMORE   Birmingham North   6d 752         COOPER
  March   1925
  Walter J.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 220         NORTON
  June   1925
  Priscilla K.   LONGMOOR   Darlington   10a 36         SHUTT
  Dorothy F.   LONGMORE   Neath   11a 1874         GILLARD
  George   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1792         SILK
  Louisa   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 197         EDWARDS
  Walter   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1043         COLLINS
  September   1925
  John A.   LONGMORE   St. Geo. Han. Sq.   1a 1077         MATHEWS
  December   1925
  Alice L.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1453         ROUND
  Alice M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1551         ALLEN
  Beatrice E.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 183         HARRIS
  Isaac   LONGMORE   Pontefract   9c 317         TAYLOR
  Laura   LONGMORE   Chelsea   1a 900         NORFOLK
  March   1926
  Emma H.   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 889         HUNT
  Reginald C.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 173         PICKERING
  June   1926
  Albert F.R.   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 308       St Anne, Warrington   Ethel R. FISHER
  Gertrude   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1759         BISHTON
  Gertrude A.   LONGMORE   Worcester   6c 257         LARGE
  Leah A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 271         HILEY
  Thomas C.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 536         WHITEHOUSE
  September   1926
  Anne E.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 1168         BURGAN
  Dorothy   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1747         MASON
  Emmie   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 485         LEE
  George W.   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 1239         YORSTON
  Thomas A.   LONGMORE   Elham   2a 3132         MILLINGTON
  December   1926
  Doris   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 379         WOOLLEY
  Richard   LONGMORE   Pontefract   9c 206         MARTIN
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 389         WHITBY
  March   1927
  Agnes   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 150         METCALFE
  Blanche   LONGMORE   Camberwell   1d 1039         GRANSBURY
  Daniel   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 327         BRUNDRETT
  June   1927
  Bernard G.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 259         PAYNE
  Herbert J.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 210         COLLETT
  John T.   LONGMORE   Meriden   6d 1331         HUBAND
  Lilian K.   LONGMORE   Doncaster   9c 1925         McHUGH
  September   1927
  Florence   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1600         FEASEY
  Gladys V.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 506         William LONGMORE
  John   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 438         COOK
  Lilian F.   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 510         FRYER
  William   LONGMORE   Birmingham South   6d 506         Gladys Victoria LONGMORE
  December   1927
  John R.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepoool   10a 228         PARKINSON
  Alexander   LONGMORE   Manchester South   8d 467         SUTHERNS
  Arthur   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 1730         ARCHER
  Henry E.   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 611       St Chrysostom, Everton   Frances INGHAM
  John A.S.   LONGMORE   South Shields           HOPE or SUMMERS
  Joseph W.   LONGMORE   Dudley   6b 2018         COX