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1901 UK Census extracts

The UK Census Extracts for this year are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help with additional extracts, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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The columns contain     Address,     Name,     Relationship to Head of Household,     Marital Status,     Male Age,     Female Age,     Occupation,     and     Place of Birth.

  Aston/Birmingham area  

  74 Wolsley Street   Samuel LONGMORE   Head   M   37     Gun action filer   Birmingham, War.
    Hannah M. LONGMORE   Wife   M     37     Birmingham, War.
    Frances H. LONGMORE   Dau   S     2     Birmingham, War.
    Charlotte F. HOMER   SinL   S     21   Pen worker   Birmingham, War.

  2 Barwell Terr.,   John J. LONGMORE   Head   M   32     Brass lamp polisher   Birmingham, War.
  Barwell Road   Mary A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     36     Birmingham, War.
    Ada LONGMORE   Dau       4     Birmingham, War.
    Harold LONGMORE   Son     2       Birmingham, War.

  71 Wolsley Street   John J. LONGMORE   Head   M   62     Gun stocker   Birmingham, War.
    Maria LONGMORE   Wife   M     58     Birmingham, War.
    Edward LONGMORE   Son   S   19    Polisher at lamp works   Birmingham, War.
    Mary A. FARRINGTON   Bdr   M     34   Pen worker   Birmingham, War.
    Elsie M. FARRINGTON   Dau   S     3     Birmingham, War.
    John EDWARDS   SinL   M   27     Brass F?????   Leamington, War.
    Alice L. EDWARDS   Wife   M     26     Birmingham, War.
    John A. EDWARDS   Son   S   2       Birmingham, War.
    Alice L. EDWARDS   Dau   S     2m     Birmingham, War.

  59 Garrison Street   Albert LONGMORE   Head   M   24     Gun action filer   Birmingham, War.
    Lillian LONGMORE   Wife   M     20     Birmingham, War.

  4 House, 23 Court,   James LONGMORE   Head   M   36     Edge tool grinder   Birmingham
  Watery Lane   Sarah J. LONGMORE   Wife   M     36     Birmingham
    Emily LONGMORE   Dau       14   Sweet works (factory)   Birmingham
    May LONGMORE   Dau       9     Birmingham
    Harriet LONGMORE   Dau       7     Birmingham
    Alice M. LONGMORE   Dau       4     Birmingham
    Sarah J. LONGMORE   Dau       2     Birmingham
    Lambert LONGMORE   Son     3m       Birmingham

  233 Lichfield Road   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   64     Hairdresser   Birmingham
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     62     Walsall, Staffs.
    Ada E. LONGMORE   Dau   S     24   Steel pen slitter (factory)   Birmingham
    William E. SLINGSBY   Bdr   S   18     Edge tool grinder   Foleshill, Wars.
    Joseph JONES   Bdr   S   34     Brass bedstead mount burnisher   Aston, Wars.

  252 Burbury Street   Frederick BEARD   Head  W   80     Retired cooper   Birmingham
    Frederick LONGMORE   SinL   M   52     Wood turner   Birmingham
    Mary A. LONGMORE   Dau   M     52     Birmingham
    Frederick W. LONGMORE   GSon   S   25     Litho artist   Birmingham
    Ada M. LONGMORE   GDau   S     22     Birmingham

  38 Clarendon Street   William LONGMORE   Head   M   30     Copper utensil maker   Birmingham
    Louisa LONGMORE   Wife   M     28     Birmingham
    William LONGMORE   Son     8m       Birmingham

  14 Hawthorn Grove,   William A. LONGMORE   Head   M   41     Letterpress printer   Birmingham, War.
  Whitmore Road,   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     42     Birmingham, War.
  Bordesley   William E. LONGMORE   Son   S   15     Gold blocker binder   Birmingham, War.
    Clarence F. LONGMORE   Son     4       Birmingham, War.

  Co. Durham  

  8 George Street   Tom LONGMOOR   Head   M   21     Dock Labourer   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Elizabeth LONGMOOR   Wife   M     22     Hartlepool, DUR
    Albert LONGMOOR   Son     4m       Hartlepool, DUR

  12 Coverdale Street   Roger LONGMOOR   Head   M   42     Shoe Maker   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Sarah A LONGMOOR   Wife   M     36     Hartlepool, DUR
    George C LONGMOOR   Son     14     Errand Boy   Hartlepool, DUR
    John W LONGMOOR   Son     13       Hartlepool, DUR
    Ethel M LONGMOOR   Dau       8     Hartlepool, DUR
    Sarah A A LONGMOOR   Dau       6     Hartlepool, DUR
    Catherine LONGMOOR   Dau       1     Hartlepool, DUR

  21 Everard Street   Robert LONGMOOR   Head   M   46     Railway Guard   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Pricilla N LONGMOOR   Wife   M     43     Hartlepool, DUR
    Richard LONGMOOR   Son   U   24     Bricklayer's Labourer   Hartlepool, DUR
    Roger LONGMOOR   Son   U   18     Apprentice Riveter   Hartlepool, DUR
    Septimus LONGMOOR   Son     10       Hartlepool, DUR
    George LONGMOOR   Son     7       Hartlepool, DUR
    Pricilla W LONGMOOR   Dau       1     Hartlepool, DUR

  45 Alliance Street   Fred A LONGMOOR   Head   M   53     Railway Engine Driver   South Shields, DUR
  Hartlepool   Catherine LONGMOOR   Wife   M     51     Hartlepool, DUR
    Jane LONGMOOR   Dau   U     30     Hartlepool, DUR
    Catherine LONGMOOR   Dau   U     26   Dress Maker   Hartlepool, DUR
    Adeline SLIGHTMAN   Nce   U     20   Servant Domestic   West Hartlepool, DUR
    Charles E KIRK   Bdr   U   19     Tramcar Conductor   Thornton Water, YKS
    George R HARVEY   Bdr   U   19     Draper's Assistant   London EC

  103 Durham Street   Robert LONGMOOR   Head   M   20     Barman   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Sarah LONGMOOR   Wife   M     22     Hartlepool, DUR
    John R LONGMOOR   Son     6w       Hartlepool, DUR

  26 Frederick Street   Mary J ALCOCK   Head   W     68     Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Mary E LONGMOOR   Dau   W     46     Hartlepool, DUR
    Edith R THORPE   Dau   W     37     Hartlepool, DUR
    John W LONGMOOR   GSon   U   25     Brass Finisher   Hartlepool, DUR
    Thomas W THORPE   GSon     11       Hartlepool, DUR
    Frank K THORPE   GSon     8       Hartlepool, DUR
    Ida M THORPE   GDau       7     Hartlepool, DUR
    John HARRISON   Bdr   M   65     Labourer Engine Works   Leeds, YKS

  9 Henrietta Street   Thos J LONGMORE   Head   M   35     Cement Works Labourer   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     31     Hartlepool, DUR
    Ann LONGMORE   Dau       15     Hartlepool, DUR
    James J LONGMORE   Son     13       Hartlepool, DUR
    Catherine LONGMORE   Dau       11     Hartlepool, DUR
    Thomas W LONGMORE   Son     4       Hartlepool, DUR
    Ella LONGMORE   Dau       6m     Hartlepool, DUR

  24 Watts Street   Samuel LONGMOOR   Head   M   25     Brass Founder   West Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Clara Edith LONGMOOR   Wife   M     26     Hartlepool, DUR
    Samuel J LONGMOOR   Son     1       Hartlepool, DUR

  26 Bell Street   James PALMER   Head   M   29     Coal Trimmer   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Lucy PALMER   Wife   M     28     West Hartlepool, DUR
    William PALMER   Son     3       Hartlepool, DUR
    James Longmoor PALMER   Son     1       Hartlepool, DUR
    Jabez LONGMOOR   FinL   M   63     Shipyard Blacksmith   West Bromwich, STS
    Eliza LONGMOOR   SinL       15   Dressmaker's Assistant   Hartlepool, DUR
    Ethel LONGMOOR   SinL       18   Draper's Assistant   Hartlepool, DUR