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1891 UK Census extracts

The UK Census Extracts for this year are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help with additional extracts, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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The columns contain     Address,     Name,     Relationship to Head of Household,     Marital Status,     Male Age,     Female Age,     Occupation,     and     Place of Birth.

  Aston/Birmingham area  

  2 Portland Street   Stephen LONGMORE   Head   M   80     General labourer   Walsall, Staffs.
    Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     71     Leicester

  1 House,   Maria LONGMORE   Head   M     50   Press worker   Birmingham
  2 Court,   Charlotte LONGMORE   Dau   S     28   Press worker   Birmingham
  Alma Street   Eliza LONGMORE   Dau   S     22   Press worker   Birmingham
    John J. LONGMORE   Son   S   18     Bicycle maker   Birmingham
    Lilly LONGMORE   Dau   S     13   Scholar   Birmingham

  3 House,   James LONGMORE   Head   M   28     Edge tool grinder   Birmingham
  23 Court,   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     26     Birmingham
  Watery Lane   Emily LONGMORE   Dau       4     Birmingham

  54 Newhall Street   MURRAY family includes:-            
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Serv   S     17   Domestic servant   Birmingham

  5 Fern Bank,   Ebenezer LONGMORE   Head   M   51     Caster & treacle tap & c. maker (brass)   Birmingham
  Grant Street   Louisa LONGMORE   Wife   M     50     Birmingham
    Albert J. WARREN   Lodg   S   2 ?     Cabinetmaker salesman   Exeter, Devon

  76 Springfield Street   Albert LONGMORE   Head   M   27     Clerk   Birmingham
    Maria A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     26     Redditch, Worcs.
    May A. LONGMORE   Dau       3     Birmingham

  39 Spon Terrace   James F. WHICHELLS   Head   M   26     Brass caster   Birmingham
    Annie M. WHICHELLS   Wife   M     24     Birmingham
    Thomas LONGMORE   Fath   W   59     Hair pin pointer   Birmingham

  10 House,   Joseph T. LONGMORE   Head   M   34     Iron moulder   Fantion Staffs.
  7 Court,   Sarah A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     32     Birmingham
  Allcock Street   Thomas LONGMORE   Son   S   7     Scholar   Birmingham
    Arthur LONGMORE   Son     6     Scholar   Birmingham
    Ernest LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Birmingham
    Sarah A. LONGMORE   Dau       1     Birmingham

  165 Darwin Street   SMEGHINE family includes:-            
    Ellen LONGMORE   Serv   S     15   General servant   Birmingham

  84 Leopold Street   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   24     Metal roller   Birmingham
    Clara LONGMORE   Wife   M     23     Birmingham
    Jospeh LONGMORE   Son     2       Birmingham
    Clara LONGMORE   Dau       3     Birmingham

  2 Osborne Terrace,   William Alfred LONGMORE   Head   M   31     Printer compositor   Birmingham
  Jenkins Street   Sarah Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     32     Birmingham
    William Ernest LONGMORE   Son     5     Scholar   Birmingham
    Henry J. LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Birmingham
    Helen E. BARDLE   Vis       4   Scholar   Birmingham

  23 Sampson Road   Peter R. LONGMORE   Head   W   41     Engine & machine fitter at paper works   Birmingham
    Jane LONGMORE   Dau   S     17   Warehouse girl at brassfounders   Birmingham
    Henry LONGMORE   Son     14     Errand boy to bakery   Birmingham
    Emma LONGMORE   Dau       12   School girl   Birmingham
    Peter LONGMORE   Son     9     School boy   Birmingham
    Lily LONGMORE   Dau       8   School girl   Birmingham
    Jane BETTS   Serv       35   Housekeeper   Birmingham

  10/48 Bordesley   George LONGMORE   Head   M   26     Hair pin maker   Birmingham St. Paul
  Park Road   Ellen LONGMORE   Wife   M     24     Birmingham St. Alban
    George LONGMORE   Son      2     Birmingham St. Alban
    Henry LONGMORE   Son     1       Birmingham Holy Trinity

  41 Grantham Road,   Arthur R. LONGMORE   Head   M   40     Living on own means   Birmingham
  Birmingham   Emma LONGMORE   Wife   M     35     Tardebigge, Worcs.
    Oliver J. LONGMORE   Son   S   15     Merchant's factor   Birmingham
    Arthur J. LONGMORE   Son     13     Scholar   Birmingham
    Frank B. LONGMORE   Son     8     Scholar   Birmingham
    Annie SMITH   Serv   S     18   General servant (dom)   Chadwick, Worcs.

  60 Cambridge Street,   Frederick BEARD   Head   M   70     Cooper (employer)   Birmingham
  Birmingham   Margaret BEARD   Wife   M     67     Manchester, LAN
    Mary A. LONGMORE   Dau   M     41     Birmingham
    Frederick P. LONGMORE   SinL   M   42     Woodturner   Birmingham
    Frederick W. LONGMORE   GSon   S   15     Litho Artist   Birmingham
    Ada M. LONGMORE   GDau   S     12   Scholar   Birmingham

  3/43 Rupert Street   Samuel LONGMORE   Head   M   27     Gun action filer   Birmingham
    Hannah M. LONGMORE   Wife   M     27     Birmingham

  2/53 Rupert Street   John J. LONGMORE   Head   M   52     Gun stocker   Birmingham
  Birmingham   Maria LONGMORE   Wife   M     49     Birmingham
    Mary A. LONGMORE   Dau   S     24   Pen worker   Birmingham
    John J. LONGMORE   Son   S   22     Coppersmith   Birmingham
    William LONGMORE   Son   S   20     Coppersmith   Birmingham
    Alice L. LONGMORE   Dau   S     15  Pen worker   Birmingham
    Albert LONGMORE   Son   S   14     Gun action filer   Birmingham
    Henry LONGMORE   Son   S   12     Scholar   Birmingham
    Edward LONGMORE   Son   S   9     Scholar   Birmingham

  62 Aston Street   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   54     Hairdresser   Birmingham
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     52     Walsall, Staffs.
    Ada LONGMORE   Dau   S     14     Birmingham
    James LONGMORE   Fath   W   80     Living on own means   Birmingham

  Birmingham City Asylum,   Staff includes:-            
  Winson Green   Florence LONGMORE     S     22   Asylum Nurse   Wednesbury, STS

  217 Nechells Park Road,   Benton LONGMORE   Head   M   73     Retired Engineer & Fitter   Birmingham, WAR
  Birmingham   Caroline LONGMORE   Wife   M     72     Redditch, WOR
    Elizabeth WILDAY   Vis   S     17     Birmingham, WAR

  Co. Durham  

  22 Lilly Street   Jabez LONGMORE   Head   W   52     Blacksmith   West Bromwich, STS
  Hartlepool   William LONGMORE   Son   U   20     Blacksmith Apprentice   West Hartlepool, DUR
    Lucy LONGMORE   Dau   U     19     West Hartlepool, DUR
    Samuel J LONGMORE   Son     15     Iron Moulder   West Hartlepool, DUR
    Eliza LONGMOOR   Dau       8   Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    Ethel LONGMORE   Dau       5   Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR

  38 Middlegate   George LONGMORE   Head   M   44     Joiner   Durham, DUR
  Hartlepool   Mary LONGMORE   Wife   M     41     Durham, DUR
    William LONGMORE   Son   U   20     Joiner   Durham, DUR
    Sarah LONGMORE   Dau       14     Durham, DUR
    James LONGMORE   Gfth   W   82     Groom Horse Keeper   Northumberland

  58 Whitby Street   Household includes:-            
  West Hartlepool   James LONGMORE   Bdr   W   37     Boiler Smith   West Hartlepool, DUR

  1 Sea View Terrace   Mary J ALCOCK   Head   W     58     Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Pollie LONGMORE   Dau   W     37     Hartlepool, DUR
    Joseph STOTHARD   Lodg     25     Plainer?   Gainsborough, YKS
    George ALCOCK   Son   U   19     Twiner?   Hartlepool, DUR
    Willie LONGMORE   GSon     14     Twiner?   Hartlepool, DUR
    Edward ??????   Lodg   U   25     Fitter Engine   Bradford, YKS

  8 Dalton Street   Jabez LONGMORE   Head   M   57     Shipyard Labourer   Wednesbury, STS
  West Hartlepool   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     54     Darlaston, STS

  26 Studley Road   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   30     Ships Joiner   Wednesbury, STS
  West Hartlepool   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     25     East Hartlepool, DUR
    Horace A LONGMORE   Son     1       West Hartlepool, DUR

  43 Everard Street   Frederick LONGMOOR   Head   M   43     Railway Engine Driver   South Shields, DUR
  Hartlepool   Catherine LONGMOOR   Wife   M     41     Hartlepool, DUR
    Jane LONGMOOR   Dau   U     20   Domestic Servant   Hartlepool, DUR
    William A LONGMOOR   Son   U   18     Ship Owners Clerk   Hartlepool, DUR
    Catherine A LONGMOOR   Dau       16   Domestic Servant   Hartlepool, DUR
    Adeline SLIGHTMAN   Nce       10   Scholar   West Hartlepool, DUR

  24 Brougham Street   Robert LONGMOOR   Head   M   32     North Eastern Railway Shunter   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Pricilla LONGMOOR   Wife   M     32     Hartlepool, DUR
    Richard LONGMOOR   Son     13     Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    Thos Jas LONGMOOR   Son     12     Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    Robert LONGMOOR   Son     10     Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    Roger LONGMOOR   Son     7     Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    Mary C THOMPSON   Vis   W     71     Scots Wood, NBL

  21 Everard Street   Roger LONGMOOR   Head   M   32     Shoemaker   Hartlepool, DUR
  Hartlepool   Sarah LONGMOOR   Wife   M     25     Hartlepool, DUR
    George C LONGMOOR   Son     4       Hartlepool, DUR
    James W LONGMOOR   Son     3       Hartlepool, DUR
    James A LONGMOOR   Son     1       Hartlepool, DUR
    Elizabeth J ATKINSON   SinL  U     22   Charwoman   Hartlepool, DUR

  Walsall area  

  34 Wellington Street,   Isaac LONGMORE   Head   M   45     Coal dealer   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Pleck, Walsall   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     35     Moxley, Staffs.
    Frank LONGMORE   Son   S   7     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Lizzie LONGMORE   Dau   S     4     Walsall, Staffs.
    John LONGMORE   Son   S   2       Walsall, Staffs.
    Wesley LONGMORE   Son   S   5m       Walsall, Staffs.
    Hellen SOUTHALL   Serv   S     18   General servant   Chester, Cheshire

  25 Oxford Street,   Samuel LONGMORE   Head   W   27     Gig saddle maker   Walsall, Staffs.
  Pleck, Walsall   Ellen LONGMORE   Dau   S     6     Walsall, Staffs.
    Alice LONGMORE   Moth       63   Charwoman   Walsall, Staffs.
    Thomas LEIGHTON   Neph     11       Walsall, Staffs.

  266 Wednesbury Road,   William H. BATE   Head   M   38     Ironworks labourewr   Great Bridge, Staffs.
  Walsall   Mary BATE   Wife   M     49     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Mary J. BATE   Dau       13     Walsall, Staffs.
    William BATE   Son     10       Walsall, Staffs.
    Edith BATE   Dau       8     Walsall, Staffs.
    Ann BATE   Dau       4     Walsall, Staffs.
    Thomas LONGMORE   StpS   S   26     Ironworks labourer   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    John LONGMORE   StpS   S   20     Brass polisher   Wednesbury, Staffs.

  11 Court,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   43     Iron worker   Walsall, Staffs.
  7 House,   Mary A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     49     Walsall, Staffs.
  Green Lane, Walsall   Elizabeth BANBURY   Lodg   W     73     London, To???? Road

  12 Upper Brook Street,   James LONGMORE   Head   M   37     Coal merchant   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Walsall   Martha J. LONGMORE   Wife   M     34     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Thomas J. LONGMORE   Son   S   14     Coal merchant's assistant   Newtown, Wednesbury
    Harry LONGMORE   Son     12     General labourer   Newtown, Wednesbury
    Joseph LONGMORE   Son     11     Scholar   Newtown, Wednesbury
    Florence B. LONGMORE   Dau       9   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs
    Lottie LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Isaac LONGMORE   Son     5     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Lavinia LONGMORE   Dau       2     Walsall, Staffs.
    Elizabeth REAY   Serv   S     16   General servant   Birmingham

  54 Bridgeman Street,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   38     Tube works foreman   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Walsall   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     37     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    William Y. LONGMORE   Son   S   14     Turner   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Jessie LONGMORE   Dau   S     12   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son     8     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Samuel LONGMORE   Son     6     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs
    Howard LONGMORE   Son     4       Walsall, Staffs.

  114 Pleck Road,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   41     Foreman Tube Works Iron Foundry   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Walsall   Charlotte LONGMORE   Wife   M     39     Ireland
    Arthur LONGMORE   Son   S   14     Errand boy   Walsall, Staffs.
    Charles LONGMORE   Son   S   12     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Ernest LONGMORE   Son   S   10     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Florence LONGMORE   Dau   S     8   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs
    Lucy LONGMORE   Dau   S     7   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son   S   5     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Percy LONGMORE   Son   S   3       Walsall, Staffs.
    Lilian LONGMORE   Dau   S   1       Walsall, Staffs.
    Raymond LONGMORE   Son   S   1m       Walsall, Staffs.

  15a Bridge Street   Edgar LONGMORE   Head   M   29     Brass caster   Walsall, Staffs.
    Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     30     Walsall, Staffs.
    Annie LONGMORE   Dau       9   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.

  76 Holts Hill Lane,   Charles LONGMORE   Head   M   29     Chimney sweep   Walsall, Staffs.
  Walsall   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     29   Charwoman   Walsall, Staffs.
    Phoebe LONGMORE   Dau       7     Walsall, Staffs.
    Sarah Ann LONGMORE   Dau       6     Walsall, Staffs.
    Mary Jane LONGMORE   Dau       2     Walsall, Staffs.

  13 Temple Street,   Mark LONGMORE   Son   M   15     Caster iron   Walsall, Staffs.
  Walsall   Mary LONGMORE   Wid       49   Housekeeper   Birmingham
    John ASHFIELD   Husb   M   26     Cellarman   Leominster, HEF
    Mary ASHFIELD   Wife   M     20   Warehouse woman   Birmingham

  19 Walsingham Street,   John C. LONGMORE   Head   M   33     Caster   Walsall, Staffs.
  Walsall   Fanny LONGMORE   Wife   M     34     Walsall, Staffs.
    Walter H. LONGMORE   Son     13     Errand boy   Walsall, Staffs.
    Charles E. LONGMORE   Son     11     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Adelina A. LONGMORE   Dau       9   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Emily P. LONGMORE   Dau       8   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    George F. LONGMORE   Son     2       Walsall, Staffs.
    John James LONGMORE   Vis     13     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Henry JAMES   Vis     11     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.

  156 Sandwell Street,   George LONGMORE   Head   M   32     Spur manufacturer   Walsall, Staffs.
  Walsall   Eliza LONGMORE   Wife   M     28   Dressmaker   Walsall, Staffs.
    George LONGMORE   Son     9     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Ernest LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    William LONGMORE   Son     2       Walsall, Staffs.
    Clara LONGMORE   Sist   S     26   Tobacconist's assistant   Walsall, Staffs.

  7 Highfield Passage,   Henry ARCHER   Head   W   53     Locksmith   Walsall, Staffs.
  Walsall   Mary A. LONGMORE   SisL   S     40   Housekeeper   Walsall, Staffs.
    Frank ARCHER   Son   S   20     Silver plater   Walsall, Staffs.
    Clara STACY   GDau       2     Walsall, Staffs.

  45 Bath Street,   Joseph MINTON   Head   M   25     Iron caster   Bridgnorth, Salop
  Walsall   Ann M. Minton   Wife   M     20     Walsall, Staffs.
    Clara LONGMORE   Lodg   S     16   Buckle filer   Walsall, Staffs.

  81 Whitehall Road,   Charles LONGMORE   Head   M   29     Spur filer   Walsall, Staffs.
  Walsall   Alice LONGMORE   Wife   M     24     Walsall, Staffs.
    Helen LONGMORE   Dau       5   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Esther A. LONGMORE   Dau       3   Scholar   Walsall, Staffs.
    Alfred J. LONGMORE   Son     1m       Walsall, Staffs.
    Samuel LONGMORE   Bro   S   18     Caster helper   Walsall, Staffs.