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1881 UK Census extracts

The UK Census Extracts for this year are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help with additional extracts, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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The columns contain     Address,     Name,     Relationship to Head of Household,     Marital Status,     Male Age,     Female Age,     Occupation,     and     Place of Birth.


  Hermitage Vicarage,   Philip A. LONGMORE   Head   W   56     M.A., Vicar of Hermitage   Hertford, Herts.
  Hampstead Norris   Elizabeth EVANS   Serv   U     28   Domestic servant cook   Little Bedwyn, Wilts.
    Harriet COLLINS   Serv   U     27   Domestic servant housemaid   Enborne, Berks.


  Salt Hill School,   Pupils include:            
  Farnham Royal   Frederick LONGMORE   Pup     15     Scholar  

  Rose & Crown Inn,   James ANDREWS   Head   M   56     Licensed victualler & carpenter   Newton Blossomville, Bucks.
  16 Market Place,   Elizabeth ANDREWS   Wife   M     51     Northampton
  Olney   Charles ANDREWS   Son   U   19     Grocer   Olney, Bucks.
    Arthur ANDREWS   Son   U   17     Carpenter   Olney, Bucks.
    Harry ANDREWS   Son     14     Carpenter   Olney, Bucks.
    Walter ANDREWS   Son     11     Scholar   Olney, Bucks.
    Emily ANDREWS   Dau       9   Scholar   Olney, Bucks.
    Alfred ANDREWS   Son     7     Scholar   Olney, Bucks.
    George HORN   Neph   U   18     Carpenter   Olney, Bucks.
    Henerey LONGMORE   Bdr   U   37     Tailor   Cambridge
    William MARRIOTT   G/f   U   76       Risley, Beds.


  Laurence Villa,   Eleanor A. LONGMORE   Head   W     57     Ireland
  Liscard   Mary J. LONGMORE   Dau   U     32   Governess (Sch)   Manchester, Lancs.
    Ellen S. LONGMORE   Dau   U     23   (Governess)   Liverpool, Lancs.
    James LONGMORE   Son   U   20     Seed Crusher (Oil miller)   Liverpool, Lancs.


  Tin Plate Works,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   42     Annealer tin plate   Kingswinford, Staffs.
  12 Concrete Houses,   Susan Elzth. LONGMORE   Wife   M     38     Kingswinford, Staffs.
  Seaton   Walter Wm. LONGMORE   Son     12     Scholar   Kingswinford, Staffs.
    Jos. David LONGMORE   Son     5     Scholar   Kingswinford, Staffs.


  Moss,   John WILLIAMS   Head   M   43     Coal miner   Gwersyllt, Denbigh
  Gresford-Gwersyllt   Mary WILLIAMS   Wife   M     33     Bucknall, Stoke-on-Trent
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son     16     Scholar   Newcastle, Staffs.
    William Owen JONES   Bdr   U   21     Coal miner   Rhos, Denbigh
    Seth DAVIES   Bdr   U   22     Coal miner   Gwersyllt, Denbigh


  Bampton Street,   James J.R. BATE   Head   M   54     Dentist LDS Ireland   Truro, Cornwall
  Tiverton   Elizabeth H. BATE   Wife   M     40     Guisborough, Yorks.
    Alice M. LONGMORE   Vis   U     17     Allygurrh (British Subject) India
    Sarah J. WESTERN   Serv   U     23   General servant (domestic)   Tiverton, Devon


  Langton Cottage,   Isaiah LONGMORE   Head   M   38     Wesleyan Home Missionary   Darlaston, Staffs.
  Langton Matravers   Martha Susan LONGMORE   Wife   M     40     Walsall, Staffs.
    Lydia LONGMORE   Dau       6   Scholar   Chilton, Durham


  3 Raby Court,   Robt LONGMOOR   Head   M   26     Fireman, N.E.R.   Hartlepool, Durham
  Hartlepool   Prissila N. LONGMOOR   Wife   M     22     Hartlepool, Durham
    Richd A. LONGMOOR   Son     3       Hartlepool, Durham
    Thomas J. LONGMOOR   Son     2       Hartlepool, Durham
    Robt LONGMOOR   Son     2m       Hartlepool, Durham

  21 Mill Street,   Thomas ALCOCK   Head   M   51     Blacksmith   Hartlepool, Durham
  Hartlepool   Mary J. ALCOCK   Wife   M     49     Sunderland, Durham
    Christopher ALCOCK   Son   U   19     (Eng) Fitter Apprentice   Hartlepool, Durham
    Elizabeth R. ALCOCK   Dau       17     Hartlepool, Durham
    George W. ALCOCK   Son     12     Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham
    John W. LONGMORE   GSon     5     Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham
    John W. ARMSTRONG   Lodg   U   24     Boilersmith   Stockton, Durham

  9 Wellington Terrace,   Elizabeth S. WHITE   Head   W     61   Shipowner's widow   South Shields, Durham
  Westoe   Helen WHITE   Dau   U     27     South Shields, Durham
    Laura WHITE   Dau   U     27     South Shields, Durham
    Margret GREENER   Serv   U     28   Servant domestic   South Shields, Durham
    Eliza LONGMOOR   Serv   U     18   Servant domestic   South Shields, Durham

  10 Humbert Street,   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   40     Bar roller (iron) MSL Preacher   West Bromwich, Staffs.
  Hedworth Monkton & Jarrow   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     35     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Clara A. LONGMORE   Dau   U     15     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Joanna LEITCH   Bdr   U     23   School mistress   Scotland

  15 Regent Street,   James J. WOODS   Head   M   35     Manager to Steamship Owner & Town Councillor (Nav Serv)   Yarmouth, Norfolk
  Hartlepool   Thomasina WOODS   Wife   M     30     ... Shore, South Shields, Durham
    James R. WOODS   Son     12     Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham
    George B. WOODS   Son     9     Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham
    Joseph M. WOODS   Son     7     Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham
    Hilda M. WOODS   Dau       3     Hartlepool, Durham
    Thomas WOODS   Son     1       Hartlepool, Durham
    Hannah M. LONGMOOR   Serv   U     21   Domestic servant   Hartlepool, Durham
    Margaret A. MOOR   Serv       14   Domestic servant   Hartlepool, Durham

  10 St Hilda Street,   Christopher SMITH   Head   M   50     Mariner   North Shields, Northumberland
  Hartlepool   Jane SMITH   Wife   M     49     Aldbrough, Yorks.
    Sarah S. LONGMOOR   Dau   M     28     Aldbrough, Yorks.
    James LONGMOOR   SinL   M   28     Boilersmith   Hartlepool, Durham
    Jane S. LONGMOOR   GDau       4     Hartlepool, Durham
    Christopher A. LONGMOOR   GSon     2       Hartlepool, Durham

  33 South Parade,   Jabez LONGMORE   Head   M   42     Blacksmith   Darlington [Darlaston!], Staffs.
  Stranton   Eliza LONGMORE   Wife   M     36   Wife   Darlington [Darlaston!], Staffs.
    Emily LONGMORE   Dau       12   Scholar   West Hartlepool, Durham
    William LONGMORE   Son     10     Scholar   West Hartlepool, Durham
    Lucy LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   West Hartlepool, Durham
    Samuel LONGMORE   Son     5     Scholar   West Hartlepool, Durham
    Lily A. LONGMORE   Dau       4   Scholar   West Hartlepool, Durham

  36 South Parade,   Jabez LONGMORE   Head   M   47     Labourer (general)   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Stranton   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     45     Darlington [Darlaston!], Staffs.
    Joseph LONGMORE   Son   U   20     Joiner   Wednesbury, Staffs.

  Eight Rows Third,   Thomas PURDY   Head   M   65     Labourer   New Pensher, Durham
  Haswell   Thomasina PURDY   Wife   M     60     Thorpe, Durham
    John D. PURDY   Son   W   23     Clerk (colliery)   South Hetton, Durham
    John A. PURDY   GSon     2m       Easington Lane, Durham
    George LONGMOOR   Bdr   U   19     North Eastern Railway porter   Hartlepool, Durham

  25 Thames Street,   Mary LONGMORE   Head   M     29   Mariner's wife   South Shields, Durham
  Westoe   William LONGMORE   Son     10       South Shields, Durham
    Sarah W. LONGMORE   Dau       6     West Hartlepool, Durham

  60 Dock Street,   Jacob LONGMORE   Head   M   27     Coal teamer   Shields, Durham
  Westoe   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     25   Coal teamer's wife   Shields, Durham
    John LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Shields, Durham
    James LONGMORE   Son     2       Shields, Durham
    Marther LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   Shields, Durham
    William FOSTER   Vis     14     Glassmaker   Sunderland, Durham

  9 St Mary's Street,   Barbara GRAY   Head   M     43   John Gray's wife   Monk Wearmouth, Durham
  Hartlepool   George LONGMORE   Lodg   M   32     Carpenter   South Shields, Durham
    John H. DICKSON   Lodg   M   54     Agent   Mile End Road, London, Middlesex
    Frederick W.P. JACKSON   Bdr   U   8     Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham

  5 Salem Street,   William LONGMORE   Head   W   55     Shoemaker   Carlisle, Cumb.
  Westoe   Frances M. LONGMORE   Dau   U     22     South Shields, Durham
    Eleanor A. LONGMORE   Dau   U     20     South Shields, Durham

  34 Whithead Street,   George LONGMORE   Head   M   40     Cooper   Carlisle, Cumb.
  Westoe   Mary LONGMORE   Wife   M     40     Sheriff Hill
    Minnie LONGMORE   Dau       15     Tyne Dock, Durham
    Mary D. LONGMORE   Dau       13     Tyne Dock, Durham
    Frederick LONGMORE   Son     12     Scholar   Cleaveland Place
    Jane S. LONGMORE   Dau       8   Scholar   Cleaveland Place
    Margaret Ann LONGMORE   Dau       6   Scholar   Tyne Dock, Durham
    George B. LONGMORE   Son     >4     Scholar   Tyne Dock, Durham
    John HARRISON   Bdr   U   47     Shoemaker   New York, Northumberland

  43 Everard Street,   Allen LONGMOOR   Head   M   33     Engine driver N.E.R.   South Shields, Durham
  Hartlepool   Catherine LONGMOOR   Wife   M     30     Hartlepool, Durham
    Jane LONGMOOR   Dau       10   Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham
    William LONGMOOR   Son     8     Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham
    Catherine A. LONGMOOR   Dau       6   Scholar   Hartlepool, Durham

  38 Everard Street,   Jane TAIT   Head   W     30     Hartlepool, Durham
  Hartlepool   John W. TAIT   Bro   M   28     Engine driver   Hartlepool, Durham
    Roger LONGMOOR   Bro   U   22     Shoemaker   Hartlepool, Durham
    Thomas LONGMOOR   Bro   U   15     Labr iron works   Hartlepool, Durham

  5 Brown Street,   Harry ALDERTON   Head   M   42     Coal merchant   Wigtown, Norfolk
  Stranton   Hannah Mary ALDERTON   Wife   M     36     Robin Hood Bay, Yorks.
    Alice Ann ALDERTON   Dau   U     16   Dressmaker   Robin Hood Bay, Yorks.
    James Edmund ALDERTON   Son     14     Sadler   W. Hartlepool, Durham
    John ALDERTON   Son     8     Scholar   W. Hartlepool, Durham
    Rebecca ALDERTON   Dau       2   Infant   W. Hartlepool, Durham
    Harry ALDERTON   Son     1m     Infant   W. Hartlepool, Durham
    Joseph LONGMORE   Vis   U   20     Joiner   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    John STEPHENSON   Neph   U   25     Labourer (genl)   Robin Hood Bay, Yorks.

  9 Stanhope Street,   Gilbert John MOWAT   Head   M   39     Shipwright   South Shields, Durham
  Westoe   Martha MOWAT   Wife   M     32     South Shields, Durham
    John L. MOWAT   Son     1       South Shields, Durham
    John LONGMORE   BinL   U   35     Bank rider (colliery)   South Shields, Durham


  Prospect Hill,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   53     Architect & surveyor   Watford, Herts.
  Walthamstow   Maria LONGMORE   Wife   M     42     Whitechapel, Middlesex
    Laura C. LONGMORE   Dau   U     20     Leyton, Essex
    Herbert A. LONGMORE   Son   U   17     Architect's pupil   Leyton, Essex
    Felix R. LONGMORE   Son     15     Scholar   Leyton, Essex
    Rosa L. LONGMORE   Dau       13   Scholar   Leyton, Essex
    Dora M. LONGMORE   Dau       4     Walthamstow, Essex
    Elizabeth VAZEY   Serv       19   General servant domestic   Abingdon, Berks.


  Boarding School,   Boarders include:-            
  41 Royal Oak Crescent, Clifton   Philip R. LONGMORE   Bdr     8     Scholar   [None stated]

  Netheridge Farm,   David Henry FAWKES   Head   M   35     Farmer of 180 acres employing 3 men 1 boy   Bisley, Glos.
  Hempstead,   Lois Edith FAWKES   Wife   M     25     Coaley, Glos.
  Quedgley   Winifred Lois FAWKES   Dau       >1     Quedgley, Glos.
    Edith Victoria FAWKES   Dau       2m     Quedgley, Glos.
    Tom John LONGMORE   Asst     35     Farmer's assistant   (Harescomb), Hereford
    Louisa KNIGHT   Serv       16   Domestic servant   Harescomb, Glos.
    Edith HOOPER   Serv       14   Domestic Nurse Girl (D)   Gloucester, Glos.
    BOATMAN1   Other   M   41     (Barge)  
    BOATMAN2   Other   M   38     (Barge)  
    GYPSY   Other   M   46     (No Occ)  
    GYPSY   Other   M     43    
    GYPSY   Other   M   18      
    GYPSY   Other   M   16      
    GYPSY   Other   M     12    
    GYPSY   Other   M   8      
    GYPSY   Other   M   6      
    GYPSY   Other   M     3    
    GYPSY   Other   M     1    

  19 Plummer Street,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   58     Warehouseman to bil Manufact   Worcester
  Bristol St Philip & Jacob Out   Matilda LONGMORE   Wife   M     56     Worcester
    William LONGMORE   Son   U   27     Machine worker in timber yard   Worcester
    Henry LONGMORE   Son   U   24     Upholsterer Unemployed   Bristol
    Clara LONGMORE   Dau   U     22   Assistant in Furniture Rooms   Bristol
    Ellen LONGMORE   Dau   U     20   Nurse   Bristol
    Thomas EAGER   Lodg   U   34     Boot Bounder   Clorney, Ireland


  Inverness House,   Adah L. LONGMORE   Head   M     42   Housewife   Wilton, Wilts.
  Alverstoke   Adah J. LONGMORE   Dau       12   Scholar   Gosport, Hants.
    Emily S. LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   Gosport, Hants.
    Edith HASSELL   Vis   U     19     Clifton, Somerset
    Amy E. HASSELL   Vis   U     18     Clifton, Somerset
    Jane W. BROWN   Serv   U     22   Housemaid (domestic)   Landport, Hants.
    Elizabeth PURVIS   Serv   U     21   Cook (domestic)   Gravesend, Kent

  South Cliff,   Anne LONGMORE   Head   W     47     Wilton, Wilts.
  Solent Cliffs,   Emmeline LONGMORE   Dau   U     18     Hertford, Herts.
  Holdenhurst   Marion LONGMORE   Dau       9   Scholar   Hertford, Herts.
    Helen WATERS   Sist   M     44     Wilton, Wilts.
    Fanny HARRISON   Serv   U     35   Nurse Dom   Stanton, Herts.

  Belgrave Road,   Isaac ESPINASSE   Head (Lodg)   M   51       Sutton At Hone, Kent
  Ventor,   Harriet ESPINASSE   Wife   M     49     Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
  Isle of Wight   Evelyn M. ESPINASSE   Dau   U     16   Scholar   Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
    Helen ESPINASSE   Dau       10   Scholar   Hemel Hempstead, Herts.
    Annie M. LONGMORE   Vis   U     23     Stortford, Herts.

  36 Elphinstone Road,   E.G. LONGMORE   Head (Lodg)   M   57     Major General Retd List   Middlesex
  Portsea   E. LONGMORE   Wife   M     53     Portugal
    A.E. LONGMORE   Dau   U     18     East India

  Obelisk Road,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   64     Surgeon General   Southwark, Surrey
  St Mary Extra   Mary Rosalie Helen LONGMORE   Wife   M     36   Surgeon General's wife   London, Middlesex
    Susan Hilda Rosalie LONGMORE   Dau   U     14   Scholar   Hamble, Hants.
    Rosalie Louisa LONGMORE   Dau       13   Scholar   Hamble, Hants.
    John Constantine Gordon LONGMORE   Son     10     Scholar   Woolston, Hants.
    Henry Frank LONGMORE   Son     7     Scholar   Woolston, Hants.
    Matilda Ann MASTERS   Bdr   U     29   Governess Private   London, Middlesex
    Sarah Ellen KILL   Serv   U     24   Cook domestic serv   Durley, Hants.
    Susan Emily SERL   Serv   U     22   Parlourmaid domestic serv   Weston, Hants.
    Alice PEWTER   Serv   U     18   Nurse domestic serv   Tollesbury, Essex
    Annie LUSH   Serv   U     15   Housemaid domestic serv   Bursledon, Hants.


  5 Bengeo Street,   Charles E. LONGMORE   Head   M   25     Solicitor   Hertford, Herts.
  Bengeo   Ellen J. LONGMORE   Wife   M     22     Hertford, Herts.
    Catherine SIMMONDS   Serv   U     36   Cook   Ware, Herts.
    Anne WILLIS   Serv   U     25   Housemaid   Hertford, Herts.


  Broughton House,   Samuel WREFORD   Head   M   66     Justice of the Peace   London St Mary Oldermanbury, Middlesex
  Otford   Elizabeth WREFORD   Wife   M     64     St Lukes, Middlesex
    Elizabeth WREFORD   Dau   U     36     St Johns, Taddington
    Agnes WREFORD   Dau   U     28     St Johns, Taddington
    Sarah WREFORD   Dau   U     24     Crayford, Kent
    Frances LONGMORE   SisInL   U     66     St Lukes, Middlesex
    Sarah KNEL   Serv   U     63   Housekeeper   Kemsing, Kent
    Elizabeth SMITH   Serv   U     24   (Dom)   St Marys, Middlesex
    Rebecca CODD   Serv   U     22   (Dom)   Gawcott, Bucks
    Elizabeth EMERY   Serv   U     25   (Dom)   Otford, Kent
    Alice CASSOM   Serv   U     17   (Dom)   Otford, Kent
    Arthur YOUNG   Serv   U   21     (Dom)   Otford, Kent

  120 High Street,   Edmond T. LONGMORE   Head   M   36     Grocer   Bishopsgate, Middlesex
  Lewisham   Martha LONGMORE   Wife   M     38     Bishopsgate, Middlesex
    Edmond W. LONGMORE   Son     9       Sydenham, Kent
    Florence LONGMORE   Dau       4     Sydenham, Kent
    Annie LONGMORE   Niece   U     20   General servant   Hackney Road, Middlesex

  Grammar School,   Staff includes:-            
  Dartford   Russell Jas. LONGMORE   Teacher   U   18     Teacher (Sch)   Blackheath, Kent

  Kings School Canterbury,   Pupils include:-            
  Christchurch   Edward W. LONGMORE   Pupil   U   15     Scholar (Sch)   India


  Manchester area  

  19 Goulden Street,   Margaret A. LONGMORE   Head W     37   Housekeeper   Manchester, Lancs.
  Manchester   Julia LONGMORE   Dau       14   Scholar   Manchester, Lancs.

  25 Lower Mosley Street,   Thos. LONGMORE   Head   M   41     Watch & Clock Maker   Manchester, Lancs.
  Manchester   Susan LONGMORE   Wife   M     41     Massachusetts, Boston (NBS), America
    Elizth. LONGMORE   Dau   U     14   Gen. domestic servant   Tunstall, Staffs.
    Willm. LONGMORE   Son   U   12     Scholar   Gloster, Gloucs.
    Thos. P. LONGMORE   Son   U   4     Scholar   Manchester, Lancs.
    Catherine H.E.   Lodg   U     10   Scholar   Scotland


  North More Road,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   40     Retired farmer   Jamaica
  Tealby   Emma LONGMORE   Wife   M     32   Wife   Caistor, Lincs.
    Charlotte Elizabeth LONGMORE   Dau       11   Scholar   Tealby, Lincs.
    George E.G. LONGMORE   Son     9     Scholar   Jamaica
    Laurel Louisa LONGMORE   Dau       5   Scholar   Normanby, Lincs.
    William Henery LONGMORE   Son     llm       Grt. Grimsby, Lincs.

  Church Street,   Elizabeth WOOD   Head   W     55   Lodging House Keeper   Boningale, Shropshire
  (17 Little Church Lane),   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Mother   W     83   Formerly farmer's wife   Pattingham, Staffs.
  Gainsborough   George OLIVANT   Bdr   M   48     Cellarman   Upton, Lincs.
    Edwin F. GREEN   Bdr   U   23     Architect & Surveyor   Wentworth, Yorks.
    Sophia KNOTT   Serv   U     15   General servant (domestic)   Gainsborough, Lincs.


  10 Portchester Road,   William SELLERS   Head   U   51     Grocer & Wine Merchant (employing 6 men & 1 boy)   Broughton, Beds.
  London   Jane COWLEY   Hskpr   U     51   Housekeeper   Est Haddon, Northants.
    Annie LONGMORE   Serv   U     20   Domestic servant   Hale, Cornwall

  Crown Hotel,   John EBLER   Head (Vis)   M   54     Seed merchant   Hamburg British Subject
  Craven Street,   Sarah J. EBLER   Wife (Vis)   M     42   (Wife of above)   Hull, Yorks.
  London   Charles LONGMORE   Vis   M   52     Retired Colonel Bengal Staff Corps   Hertford, Herts.

  North Hill,   John Russell FRICKER   Head   M   45     Commercial Clerk   London, Middlesex
  1 Pickering Cotts.,   Catherine Maria FRICKER   Wife   M     35     Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
  Hornsey   Henry Harold FRICKER   Son     13     Publisher's clerk   Holloway, Middlesex
    Francis FRICKER   Son     4       Walthamstow, Essex
    Henry LONGMORE   Bdr   M   30     Clerk Inland Revenue Somerset House (C S Offr)   Demerara, British Guiana
    Rose LONGMORE   Bdr   M     20     Bisley, Surrey

  Montague House Lunatic Asylum,   Harriet RAY   Head   W     68     Thurgston, Norfolk
  London   Mary E. RAY   Dau   U     40     Hammersmith, Middlesex
    John W.D. RAY   GSon   U   11     Scholar   South Africa
    Alice STANLAND   Bdr   U     41     Hull, Yorks.
    (Fras) GILLOW   Bdr   U   58     Gentleman   Ayeston, Kent
    S. GRIFFITHS   Bdr   U   52     Gentleman   London, Middlesex
    C. LONGMORE   Bdr   U   43     Army Surgeon   London, Middlesex
    M.J. SHEPHEARD   Bdr   U   38     Gentleman   Richmond, Surrey
    A. ANDREWS   Bdr   U   63     Gentleman   London, Surrey
    G.L. OLIVER   Bdr   U   56     Lieut Indian Army   London, Surrey
    Martha MOSS   Serv   U     22   Domestic cook   Hampstead Noms, Berks.
    Margaret FREDRICK   Serv   U     23   Domestic housemaid   London, Middlesex
    Walter COOPER   Serv   U   23     Attendant   London, Middlesex
    William ROWLAND   Serv   U   20     Attendant   Rickmansworth, Herts.

  27 St Leonards Street,   Louisa DAUBROCHE   Head   W     50   Householder   Coblenz Rhine, Germany
  London   Henry Edward LONGMORE   Bdr   M   29     Chemist & Druggist   Bude, Cornwall
    Richard BIELBY   Bdr   U   36     Woollen draper   Sherburn, Yorks.
    William MORGAN   Bdr   W   58     House decorator   Poplar, Middlesex
    Joseph GILBERT   Bdr   U   22     Drug counterman   Abbotsley, Hunts.
    John Thomas GILBERT   Bdr   U   19     Wine shopman   Abbotsley, Hunts.
    Harry Albert STEVENS   Lodg   U   21     Cashier Stores   Wellington Barracks, Middlesex
    Arthur GODSON   Lodg   U   20     Cashier Stores   Brailes, Warws.

  13 Fountain Court,   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   41     Shoemaker   Bethnal Green, London, Middlesex
  London   Maria LONGMORE   Wife   M     33   Cook (domestic)   St Pancras, Middlesex
    Jane NICHOLSON   Lodg   U     44   Upholstress   London, Middlesex
    Mary Anne EALES   Lodg   U     48   Upholstress   Islington, Middlesex

  17 Colville Road,   Elizabeth BROWN   Head   W     61   Lodging House Keeper   Bruton, Somerset
  London   Arthur LONGMORE   Bdr   W   60     Lieut Colonel Retired Militia   Tewkesbury, Gloucs.
    Elizth. WICKWORTH   Serv   U     36   Domestic   Kensington

  36 Bell Street,   Hiram BAKER   Head   M   40     Manager Coffee Palace 4 Men 3 Women   Beckley, Sussex
  London   Mary BAKER   Wife   M     43     Stepney, Middlesex
    Sarah G. BAKER   Dau       14   Scholar   New Cross
    Annie BAKER   Dau       11   Scholar   Epsom, Surrey
    Albert H. BAKER   Son     9     Scholar   Epsom, Surrey
    Alfred G. BAKER   Son     4     Scholar   Epsom, Surrey
    John BAKER   Father   M   73       Beckley, Sussex
    Sophia BAKER   Mother   M     68     Beckley, Sussex
    Sophia BAKER   Sister   U     30     Beckley, Sussex
    Alexander LONGMORE   Serv   M   47     Servant Inn   Aldersgate, Middlesex
    Alfred BALDWIN   Serv   U   19     Servant Inn   Dorking, Surrey
    William ROBINSON   Serv   U   17     Servant Inn   Dedham, Essex
    Helen BROWN   Serv   W     44   Domestic   Cork, Ireland
    Philip PHILIPS   Lodg   U   42     Light porter   Offten, Suffolk
    Robert NORBERT   Lodg     70       Offten, Suffolk

  43 River Street,   Wm. T. CASWELL   Head   M   40     Lab   Westhope, Lincs.
    Ellen CASWELL   Wife   M     33   (Lodg)   St Pancras, Middlesex
    Wm. G. CASWELL   Son     10       Islington, Middlesex
    Edward C. CASWELL   Son     8       Islington, Middlesex
    Ellen CASWELL   Dau       2     Islington, Middlesex
    Mary CASWELL   Dau       1m     Islington, Middlesex
    McCARTHY   Bdr   U   28     Porter   Marylebone, Middlesex
    Geo. LONGMORE   Bdr   U   25     Smith Lab (B)   St Pancras, Middlesex
    Chas. VINALL   Bdr   U   22     Fireman (Rly)   Vauxhall, Surrey
    Fredk. POPE   Bdr   U   23     Smith's Lab   St Ives, Cambs.
    Arthur GREEN   Bdr   U   23     Porter   Holme Next The Sea, Norfolk
    Mary HAMMOND   Bdr   U     49   Charwoman   Boston, Lincs.

  9 Carlingford Road,   Ellen E. REES   Head   U     46   No occupation   London, Middlesex
  London   Julia M. LONGMORE   Cousin   U     32   No occupation   West Indies
    Philadelphia MILLER   Serv   U     40   General servant domestic   Edenbridge, Kent

  1 Dingle Court,   LONGMORE   Head   U     23   Machinist (Und)   Poplar, Middlesex
  London   FLANIGAN   Bdr   U     17   Domestic serv   Edinburgh, Scotland

  2 Orleans Road,   Henry John LONGMORE   Head   M   45     Ostler (Hunts)   (City), Middlesex
  Twickenham   Annie Dean LONGMORE   Wife   M     40     Hurdon, Middlesex
    Henry Alexander LONGMORE   Son   U   9       Banackpore, East Indies
    Edmond Walter LONGMORE   Son   U   6       Sydenham, Surrey
    Richd. Martin LONGMORE   Son   U   3       Old Farm, Middlesex


  2 Beaufort Sq.,   Thomas WESTNESS   Head   M   40     Photographer   Durham
  Chepstow   Jessie WESTNESS   Wife   M     34     Durham
    Julie H. WESTNESS   Dau       14   Scholar   Morpeth
    Benjamin LONGMORE   Bdr   W   62     Surgeon Retired No Occ   London, Middlesex

  High Street,   Glen LONGMORE   Head   W   73     Formerly farmer   Adforton, Hereford.
  Caerleon   Margret LONGMORE   Dau   U     39     Orleton, Hereford.
    Fanny LONGMORE   Dau   U     37     Orleton, Hereford.
    Edward LONGMORE   Son   U   32       Orleton, Hereford.

  H.M. Prison,   Staff includes:-            
  Maryport Street, Usk   Emmiline L. LONGMORE   Other   U     24   Prison Service Warder   Scotland


  Eastthorpe,   Edwin LONGMORE   Head   M   28     Lay Clerk (Script / R.D.)   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Southwell   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     29     Tipton, Staffs.

  Royal Navy  

  "Kingfisher",   Ships company includes:-            
  Royal Navy, England   George Matthew LONGMORE   Other   U   20     Private R.M.L.I.   Moss Side, Manchester, Lancs.


  Richards Castle   Titus BROWN   Head   M   50     Farmer   Calverley, Yorks.
    Martha BROWN   Wife   M     51   Farmer's wife   Derby
    Hannah BROWN   Dau   U     22   Farmer's dau.   Calverley, Yorks.
    William BROWN   Son   U   19     Farmer's son   Calverley, Yorks.
    Agness BROWN   Dau   U     16   Farmer's dau.   Calverley, Yorks.
    John M. BROWN   Son   U   18     Farmer's son   Calverley, Yorks.
    Benjamin BROWN   Son     11     Farmer's son   Calverley, Yorks.
    Harriet FEWTRELL   Serv   U     16   Domestic serv   Bromfield, Shropshire
    Thomas BENBOW   Serv   U   18     General labourer ag.   Caynham, Shropshire
    William H. LONGMORE   Bdr   U   45     Civil engineer   Hanwick, Worcs.
    Rowland G. PALMER   Vis   M   30       New South Wales
    Lucy PALMER   Vis   M     25     Oxford
    Ralph OAKDEN   Vis   U   9     Scholar   Scotland

  Grange Farm,   Josiah LONGMERE   Head   M   80     Farmer   Darlaston, Staffs.
  Stirchley   Ann LONGMERE   Wife   M     69   Domestic   Darlaston, Staffs.
    Samuel LONGMERE   Son   M   54     Engine tender   Darlaston, Staffs.
    Benjamin LONGMERE   Son   U   35     Farmer labourer   Bilston, Staffs.
    Henery LONGMERE   Son   U   27     Farmer labourer   Bilston, Staffs.
    James LONGMERE   Son   U   24     Farmer labourer   Codsall, Staffs.
    Maria LONGMERE   Dau   U     26   Domestic   Codsall, Staffs.
    Simeon LONGMERE   Son   U   22     Farm labourer   Codsall, Staffs.

  Barracks Copthorne,   Soldiers include:-            
  Shrewsbury St Chad   Thomas LONGMORE   Soldier   U   18     Private Shropshire Militia   Ireland

  Hadley Lodge,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   40     Farm bailiff   Bilston, Staffs.
  Wellington   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     31     Dawley, Shropshire
    Janett LONGMORE   Dau   U     4   Scholar   Shifnal, Shropshire
    Mary LONGMORE   Dau   U     3     Shifnal, Shropshire
    Fredrick LONGMORE   Son   U   1       Stirchley, Shropshire


  Aldridge area  

  Pool Green Farm,   Isaiah LONGMORE   Head   M   73     Farmer of 30 acres   Darlaston, Staffs.
  Aldridge   Mary A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     58   Farmer's wife   Colwich, Staffs.
    Harriet ALLEN   Dau   U     24   Farmer's daughter   Aldridge, Staffs.
    Daniel ALLEN   Son   U   22     Farmer's son   Aldridge, Staffs.

  Darlaston area  

  1 Little Cross Street   William LONGMORE   Head   M   39     Coal miner   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Darlaston   Louisa LONGMORE   Wife   M     37     Darlaston, Staffs.
    Sarah LONGMORE   Dau   U     16     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Francis LONGMORE   Son     13       Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Louisa LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    William LONGMORE   Son     4       Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son     2       Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Mary A. LONGMORE   Dau       9m     Wednesbury, Staffs.

  Sedgley area  

  Burton Road Workhouse,   Includes:-            
  Sedgley   Ann Maria LONGMORE         8   Scholar   Tipton, Staffs.

  Stoke-on-Trent area  

  47 Plex Street,   Edward LONGMORE   Head  M   29     Iron worker   West Bromwich, Staffs.
  Wolstanton   William E. LONGMORE   Son     8     Scholar   Tunstall, Staffs.
    Eliza Ann LONGMORE   Dau       5   Scholar   Tunstall, Staffs.
    Robert LONGMORE   Son     2       Tunstall, Staffs.
    Amelia LONGMORE   Dau       3m     Tunstall, Staffs.
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Bdr  M     26     Tunstall, Staffs.
    Samuel LONGMORE   Bdr   U   36     Iron worker   West Bromwich, Staffs.

  Tamworth area  

  27 Lichfield Street,   Samuel LONGMORE   Head   M   27     Machinist   Wolverhampton, Staffs.
  Tamworth,   Kate LONGMORE   Wife   M     26     Bradley, Staffs.
    Catherine LAVENDER   Vis  W     61     Wellington, Staffs.
    Anne BLAKEMORE   Vis  W     23     Bradley, Staffs.
    Marshal LAVENDER   Vis  W   30       Bradley, Staffs.
    Catherine BLAKEMORE   Vis       6m     Wednesbury, Staffs.

  Wednesbury area  

  117 Darlaston Road,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   58     Smith   Darlaston, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Matilda LONGMORE   Wife   M     61     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Edith LONGMORE   Dau   U     18     Wednesbury, Staffs.

  114 Albert Street,   Fred. LONGMORE   Head   M   44     Mill Furnaceman (Fac lab)   Brettle Lane, Stafford
  Wednesbury   Eliz. LONGMORE   Wife   M     40     Tividale, Staffs.
    Emma LONGMORE   Dau   U     19     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Henry LONGMORE   Son     17       Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Fred. LONGMORE   Son     13       Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Wm. Ed. LONGMORE   Son     11     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Albt. Ed. LONGMORE   Son     7     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Eliz. LONGMORE   Dau       5     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Hannah L. LONGMORE   Dau       1     Wednesbury, Staffs.

  43 Potters Lane,   Henry LONGMORE   Head   M   47     Iron roller   Brierley Hill, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Comfort LONGMORE   Wife   M     46     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    John EDWARDS   SSon   U   23     Engine smith   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Edwin LONGMORE   Son     9     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.

  10 Lloyd Street,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   40     Coal Master Mine Serv   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Mary E. LONGMORE   Wife   M     38     West Bromwich, Staffs.
    Thomas J. LONGMORE   Son   U   11     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Howard E. LONGMORE   Son   U   6m       Wednesbury, Staffs.

  9 Queen Street,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   36     Puddler   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     35     Grinsill, Shropshire
    Stephen Thomas JEBB   Lodg   U   17     Borer   Potteries, Staffs.
    William KEY   Lodg   U   17     Bricklayers Labourer   Dudley, Staffs.

  2 Meeling Street,   Richard LONGMORE   Head   M   43     Coal merchant   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Mary Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     39     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Henry LONGMORE   Son   U   20     Coal miner   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Betsy LONGMORE   Dau   U     17   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Emma LONGMORE   Dau   U     15   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Julia LONGMORE   Dau       13   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Francis LONGMORE   Son     12     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Mary LONGMORE   Dau       10   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    George LONGMORE   Son     8     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Richard LONGMORE   Son     7     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Ruth LONGMORE   Dau       6   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Dau       4   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    William LONGMORE   Son     2       Wednesbury, Staffs.

  6 Meeling Street,   Sarah LONGMORE   Head W     72   Annuitant   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Francis LONGMORE   Son W   51     Coal miner   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    George LONGMORE   Son   U   37     Shoe Maker   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Reuben LONGMORE   Son   M   30     Coal miner   Wednesbury, Staffs.

  7 Meeling Street,   Ralph LONGMORE   Head   M   44     Coal Dealer   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Mary Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     42     Wednesbury, Staffs.
    William LONGMORE   Son   U   20     Wheelsmith   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    John LONGMORE   Son     17     Ironworks labourer   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son     14     Ironworks labourer   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Ralph LONGMORE   Son     12     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Joseph LONGMORE   Son     8     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.

  High Bullen,   Hannah LONGMORE   Head   M     29   Coalminer's wife   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  22 No. 2 Court,   Lucy MEASHAM   Bdr   U     18   Unemployed   Wellington, Shropshire
  Wednesbury   George CHALLINOR   Lodg   U   24     Drummer Coach Maker   Newsham Green, York

  Orphan Boy Inn,   Alfred ONION   Head   M   55     Publican   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  47 Foster Street,   Frances ONION   Wife   M     57     Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Theresa ONION   Dau   U     26   Dressmaker (Out of employ)   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Cornelius ONION   Son   U   22     Axle turner   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Clara EAVIS [?]   Serv   U     20   General servant (C...)   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Robert LEWIS   Lodg   U   41     Shingler in Iron Work   Salop, Shropshire
    William SALISBURY   Lodg   U   32     Striker in Iron Work   Salop, Shropshire
    Richard LONGMORE [?]   Lodg   U   32     Roller in Iron Work   Tipton, Staffs.

  Walsall Road,   S.B. LONGMORE   Head   M   37     Hatter   Handsworth, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Barbra LONGMORE   Wife   M     37     Wolverhampton, Staffs.
    Clara E. LONGMORE   Dau   U     12   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Albert E. LONGMORE   Son   U   8     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Frederick W. LONGMORE   Son   U   10     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Ada B. LONGMORE   Dau   U     6   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Arthur C. LONGMORE   Son   U   4     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Harry B. LONGMORE   Son   U   1       Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Mary A. PHILLIPS   Serv   U     22   General servant   West Bromwich, Staffs.
    Harriet ENDFIELD   Nurs   U     19   Nurse Maid   Oldbury, Worcs.

  108 Old Park Road,   Jabez LONGMORE   Head   M   43     Bolt maker   Darlaston, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Maria LONGMORE   Wife   M     35     New Village, Staffs.
    George HUNDRILL   Lodg   M   21     Bolt maker   Darlaston, Staffs.
    Dinah HUNDRILL   Lodg   M     19     Kings Hill, Staffs.

  68 Walsall Road,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   38     Blacksmith in factory   West Bromwich, Staffs.
  Wednesbury   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     38     ....., Derby
    Martha LONGMORE   Dau       14   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Fanny LONGMORE   Dau       9   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.


  1 Beulah Cott.,   Thos. PITTINGILL   Head   M   50     Carpenter   N.K., Norfolk
  Lambeth   Elizabeth PITTINGILL   Wife   M     47     Winchester, Hants.
    Maria PITTINGILL   Dau   U     28   Domestic servant   N.K., Norfolk
    Anna LONGMORE   Vis   U     30   Teacher Private School   Manchester
    Matilda LONGMORE   Vis   W     55   Annuitant   Corks Town, Ireland

  Neatham Villa,   Wm. LONGMORE   Head   M   38     Bank clerk   Edinburgh
  Maple Road,   M.J. LONGMORE   Wife   M     29     Scotland
  Penge   H.A. LONGMORE   Son     9     Scholar   Scotland
    M.K. LONGMORE   Dau       2     Penge, Surrey
    P. TURNER   Sis-in-L       16     Scotland
    E. RICHARDSON   Serv   U     20   Servant (dom)   Huntingdon

  2 Cottage Place,   Edwin LONGMORE   Head   U   29     Printer's warehouseman   Peckham, Surrey
  Lambeth   Sarah LONGMORE   Sis   U     39   Needlewoman   Soho, Middlesex
    Jane MORRIS   Sis   M     25   Envelope folder   Lambeth, Surrey
    George MORRIS   Neph     2       Newington, Surrey

  10 Rushill Terrace, Lavender Hill, Battersea   Samuel Bennett LONGMORE   Head   U   60     Private tutor   Waterford, Ireland

  Dundaires,   William B. LONGMORE   Head   M   68     M.R.C. (Surgeon)   London, Middlesex
  College Road,   Mary A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     58     London, Middlesex
  Camberwell   Emma N. LONGMORE   Dau   U     22     London, Middlesex
    Alice E. COLLINS   Serv   U     30   Companion   Wiltshire
    Mary A. SAXTON   Serv   U     40   Domestic   London, Middlesex
    Anne FOLLETT   Serv   U     30   Domestic   Windsor, Berks.
    Ellen CUTTER   Serv   U     22   Domestic   Hereford
    Mary A. SHEPHERD   Serv   U     30   Domestic   Shurton, Somerset

  13 Doddington Grove,   Maria L. DAY   Head   U     67     Covent Garden, Middlesex
  Newington   Maria LONGMORE   Bdr   U     60     Southwark, Surrey
    Emma LONGMORE   Bdr   U     50     Southwark, Surrey
    Martha LONGMORE   Vis   U     53     Southwark, Surrey
    Ellen BAMFORD   Serv   U     20   Domestic servant   Clapham, Surrey

  130 Raymouth Road,   Charlotte E. LONGMORE   Head (Wife)   M     43     Hammersmith
  Rotherhithe   Mary LONGMORE   Dau       20   Biscuit packer   Snaresbrook, Essex
    Elizth. LONGMORE   Dau       18   Biscuit packer   Woodford, Essex
    Alice LONGMORE   Dau       12   Scholar   Woodford, Essex
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son     9     Scholar   Woodford, Essex
    Thomas MORRIS   GSon     3       Hackney

  Surrey Co. Lunatic Asylum,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   62     Farm bailiff   Glenbervie, Scotland
  Wandsworth   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     61   Dairy woman   Deptford, Kent
    Ellen LONGMORE   Dau   U     28   Bailiff's dau.   Unagwell, Oxford
    Richard FARMER   House Porter   M   52     House porter (dom)   Radbourne, Herts.

  11 Ildersley Grove,   Grace J. STRICKLAND   Head   W     69     (British subject) India
  Camberwell   Percy STRICKLAND   GSon   U   17     Scholar   (British subject) India
    Margaret LONGMORE   Vis   M     32     (British subject) India
    Henry LONGMORE   Vis     13     Scholar   (British subject) India
    Annie SMITH   Serv   W     53   Cook   Shoreditch, Middlesex
    Elizabeth RICHARDS   Serv   U     22   Housemaid   Wales

  2 New Church Road,   Amelia H. STOLL   Head   W     57     Westminster, Middlesex
  Camberwell   William B. WESTBROOK   Lodg   W   56     Coal agent   Maidenhead, Berks.
    Frances LONGMORE   Lodg   U     55     Southwark, Surrey
    Agnes CLEMIE   Lodg   U     23   Lace ironer   Wellington, Shropshire


  Aston/Birmingham area  

  Cottage,   Stephen LONGMORE   Head   M   63     Farm labourer   Birmingham
  Portland Street   Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     60     Birmingham
    Sarah FARNSWORTH   Neice       10   Scholar   Birmingham

  7 House,   John J. LONGMORE   Head   M   42     Gun stocker   Birmingham
  5 Court,   Maria LONGMORE   Wife   M     38     Birmingham
  Woodcock Street   Samuel LONGMORE   Son     17     Gun action filer   Birmingham
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Dau       14   Silverer   Birmingham
    John J. LONGMORE   Son     12     Scholar   Birmingham
    William LONGMORE   Son     10     Scholar   Birmingham
    Alice L. LONGMORE   Dau       5   Scholar   Birmingham
    Albert LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Birmingham
    Henry LONGMORE   Son     1       Birmingham
    Sarah SHEMMELL   MinL   W     73   Boot binder   Birmingham

  9 Nelson Terrace,   Ebenezer LONGMORE   Head   M   41     Brass & iron linisher   Birmingham
  Nelson Street   Louisa LONGMORE   Wife   M     40   Music teacher   Birmingham

  Fountain Inn,   Alfred ALLEN   Head   M   33     Licensed victualler   Birmingham
  102 Wretham Street   Emma ALLEN   Wife   M     28     Birmingham
    Minnie L. ALLEN   Dau       1     Birmingham
    Ann ALLEN   Moth   W     69     Chatham, Kent
    Lavinia LONGMORE   Cook   U     30   Domestic   Birmingham
    Hannah BURTON   Serv   U     27   Domestic   Manchester
    Lizzie MORGAN   Nurs   U     17   Nurse dom.   Grimsby, Lincs.

  168 Charles Henry Street   George SLADE   Head   M   50 ?     Fish salesman   Birmingham
    Emma SLADE   Wife   M     44     Birmingham
    Eliza LONGMORE   Vis       14   Scholar   Birmingham

  33 Fazeley Street   Benton LONGMORE   Head   M   63     Engineer   Birmingham
    Caroline LONGMORE   Wife   M     63     Redditch, Worcs.
    Alice RESTALL   Serv       15   Domestic servant   Birmingham

  5/4 Coventry Road   Peter R. LONGMORE   Head   M   31     Engine fitter   Bordesley, Birmingham
    Jane LONGMORE   Wife   M     29   Paper works   Aston
    William LONGMORE   Son     8     Scholar   Birmingham
    Jane LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   Birmingham
    Ellen LONGMORE   Dau       5     Birimingham
    Henry LONGMORE   Son     3       Birmingham
    Emma LONGMORE   Dau       2     Birmingham
    Peter R. LONGMORE   Son     2m       Birmingham

  14 House,   Samuel WHICHELLO   Head   M   46     Iron caster   Stratford, NTH
  17 Court,   Susanna WHICHELLO   Wife   M     47   No occupation   Stoney Stratford
  Bradford Street   Sarah WHICHELLO   Dau   U     22   Umbrella maker   Birmingham
    Charlotte WHICHELLO   Dau       17   Umbrella maker   Birmingham
    James WHICHELLO   Son     15    Iron caster   Birimingham
    Julia WHICHELLO   Dau       10     Birmingham
    William LONGMOOR   Bdr   U   21     Printer   Birmingham

  41 Grantham Road,   Arthur LONGMORE   Head   M   30     From houses & +   Aston
  Birmingham   Emma LONGMORE   Wife   M     25     Tardebigge, Worcs.
    Oliver Joseph LONGMORE   Son   U   5     Scholar   Birmingham
    Arthur John LONGMORE   Son   U   3       Birmingham
    Prudence TIPTON   Serv   U     48   Servant, domestic   Birimingham

  6 Potters Lane,   William A. MURRAY   Head   M   32     Plate layer   Birmingham
  Aston   Mary A. MURRAY   Wife   M     29     Birmingham
    William J. MURRAY   Son     6       Birmingham
    Emma MURRAY   Dau       5     Birmingham
    Mary LONGMORE   Moth   M     40   Pressworker   Birmingham
    Charlotte LONGMORE   Dau   U     19   Pressworker   Birmingham
    Maria LONGMORE   Dau       16   Pressworker   Birmingham
    John LONGMORE   Son     9     Scholar   Birmingham
    Mary A. LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.

  22 Gough Road,   William H. PRICE   Head   M   34     Surveyor's clerk   Birmingham
  Edgbaston   Hannah PRICE   Wife   M     29   Clerk's wife   London, Middlesex
    Leonard PRICE   Son   U   6     Scholar   Birmingham
    Eleanor PRICE   Dau   U     4     Birmingham
    Walter PRICE   Son   U   3       Birmingham
    Richard LONGMORE   Uncl   W   75     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Leah POOLE   Serv   U     15   Domestic servant   Birmingham

  61 Cambridge Street,   Frederick BEARD   Head   M   60     Cooper   Birmingham
  Birmingham   Margaret BEARD   Wife   M     59   Cooper's wife   Birmingham
    Frederick P. LONGMORE   Head   M   32     Woodturner   Birmingham
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     31   Woodturner's wife   Birmingham
    Frederick William LONGMORE   Son     5     Scholar   Birmingham
    Ada Maud LONGMORE   Dau       2     Birmingham

  92 Dudley Road,   Richard LONGMORE   Head   M   51     Commission agent   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Birmingham   Sarah A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     44     Bilston, Staffs.
    Arthur H. LONGMORE   Son     11     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Florence M. LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    John S. LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Scotland

  62 Aston Street,   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   44     Hairdresser   Birmingham
  Birmingham   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     42     Birmingham
    Ada Elizabeth LONGMORE   Dau       4     Birmingham
    James LONGMORE   Fath   W   70       Birmingham
    James CLARK   Appr     15     Hairdresser's apprentice   Kings Norton, Worcs.

  1 Court,   Thomas James LONGMORE   Head   M   49     Pin pointer   Birmingham
  Heaton Street   Ellen Amelia LONGMORE   Wife   M     54     Birmingham
  Birmingham   George Henry LONGMORE   Son   U   16     Pin pointer   Birmingham
    Annie Maria LONGMORE   Dau       14     Birmingham

  Back of 216,   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   44     Iron moulder   Fenton, Staffs.
  Great Colmore Street,   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     43     Fenton, Staffs.
  Birmingham   Joseph T. LONGMORE   Son   U   21     Iron moulder   Fenton, Staffs.
    Sarah Jane LONGMORE   Dau       10   Scholar   Fenton, Staffs.
    Ernest LONGMORE   Son     8     Scholar   Birmingham
    Emily LONGMORE   Dau       6     Birmingham
    Martha Ann LONGMORE   Dau       2     Birmingham


  St Johns Lodge,   Blanche Elizabeth PELLEY   Head   W     44   Baronet's widow   Guildford, Surrey
  Warminster   Margerate Elizah LONGMORE   Vis   U     26   Governess   Manchester, Lancs.
    Constance HENRY   Vis       11   Scholar   India
    Blanche Evelyn HENRY   Vis       9   Scholar   India
    Elizabeth Dina WAKEFORD   Serv   U     30   Dom serv (cook)   Marsfield, Somerset
    Kate LAMB   Serv   U     28   Dom serv housemaid   Hindon, Wilts


  Kidderminster area  

  14 Wood Street,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   56     Waste dealer   Kidderminster
  Kidderminster   Mary A. LONGMORE   Wife   M     46   Waste dealer   Kidderminster
    John LONGMORE   Son   U   22     Waste dealer   Kidderminster
    Maria LONGMORE   Dau       13   Feeder at carpet works   Kidderminster
    Phoebe LONGMORE   Dau       9   Scholar   Kidderminster
    Alexander LONGMORE   Son     6     Scholar   Kidderminster

  Worcester area  

  Union Workhouse,   Includes:-            
  Tallow Hill,   Henry LONGMORE   Inmate   U   29     Labourer   St. Clement, Worcester
  Worcester St. Martin   Richard LONGMORE   Inmate   W   69     Leather dresser   St. Peter, Worcester

  Yardley area  

  Bertha Road,   Lambeth LONGMORE   Head   M   48     Tool Maker   Birmingham
  Yardley   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     46   Lacquerer   Birmingham
    James LONGMORE   Son   U   18     Steel Polisher   Birmingham
    Alice LONGMORE   Dau   U     16   Pressworker (Button)   Birmingham
    Lambeth LONGMORE   Son     13     Scholar   Birmingham
    Amelia LONGMORE   Dau       12   Scholar   Birmingham
    Elizabeth EDEN   GDau       3     Aston, WAR.


  House 8, Court 6,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   46     Railway spring striker   Sheffield
  South Street,   Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     44     Sheffield
  Sheffield   Henry LONGMORE   Son   U   14     Errand boy   Sheffield
    Kate LONGMORE   Dau       11   Scholar   Sheffield
    Arthur LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Sheffield

  House 4, Court 7,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   46     Furnace Man (Fac Lab)   Brierley Hill, Staffs.
  Tinsley Road,   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     45   Housewife   Wednesbury, Staffs.
  Brightside Bierlow   Joseph LONGMORE   Son   U   24     Iron labourer   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    John LONGMORE   Son   U   20     Iron labourer   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    Humphry LONGMORE   Son   U   13     Scholar   Wednesbury, Staffs.
    John SANDERSON   Bdr   U   18     Painter   Sheffield

  20 Adelaide Street,   William HOWDEN   Head   M   59     Grocer   Selby, Yorks.
  Kingston-upon-Hull   Jane HOWDEN   Wife   M     53     Cottingham, Yorks.
    Martha H.F. LONGMORE   Bdr   U     19   Domestic servant   Hull, Yorks.

  81 Joseph Street,   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   47     Wholesale Greenrocer   Kidderminster, Worcs.
  Bradford   Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     47   Greengrocer   Bewdley, Worcs.
    Lily LONGMORE   Dau   U     17   Pupil teacher school   Halifax, Yorks.
    Samuel SANDERS   Vis   U   31     Stuff warehouseman   Bradford, Yorks.

  30 Chain Street,   Richard ACKROYD   Head   M   31     Provision dealer   Bingley, Yorks.
  Bradford   Martha Ann ACKROYD   Wife   M     32   Housewife   Bradford, Yorks.
    Lily ACKROYD   Dau       3     Bradford, Yorks.
    Thos. Buyn. ACKROYD   Son     2       Bradford, Yorks.
    Herbert ACKROYD   Son     1m       Bradford, Yorks.
    Annie Maria LONGMORE   Serv   U     21   General domestic servant   Sheffield, Yorks.

  31 Melton Street,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   70     Lab Unable To Work   N.K., Staffs.
  Brightside Bierlow   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     67     N.K., Staffs.

  No. 8 Stone Row,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   62     (No Occ)   Tipton, Staffs.
  Rawmarsh Road,   Keziah LONGMORE   Wife   M     52   Dressmaker   Cradley Heath, Staffs.
  Greasbrough   Sarah Maria LONGMORE   Dau   U     22   Servant (dom)   Tipton, Staffs.
    Charles LONGMORE   Son   U   15     Scholar   Smethwick, Warws.
    George DAVIES   Lodg   U   27     Puddler (iron)   Goole, Yorks.

  1 Court,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   25     Scissor dresser   Sheffield, Yorks.
  19 Lord Street,   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     21     Sheffield, Yorks.
  Sheffield   Annie E. LONGMORE   Dau       2     Sheffield, Yorks.
    Sarah SLATER   Bdr   U     18   Fork dresser   Sheffield, Yorks.

  2 Court,   Thos. LONGMORE   Head   M   28     (Steel) Furnaceman   Sheffield, Yorks.
  21 Lord Street,   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     27     Sheffield, Yorks.
  Sheffield   Samson LONGMORE   Bro   U   29     Stoker (22)   Sheffield, Yorks.
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son     4m       Sheffield, Yorks.
    Ann M. HUSTON   Niece       15   Silver burnisher   Sheffield, Yorks.

  11 Hall Carr Place,   Ambrose LONGMORE   Head   M   24     Under Shunter (Pointsman Rlwy)   West Bromwich, Staffs.
  Brightside Bierlow   Louisa LONGMORE   Wife   M     24     Sheffield, Yorks.
    Esther Jane LONGMORE   Dau       2m     Sheffield, Yorks.
    Esther LONGMORE   Mother   W     53   Non domestic nurse S.M.S.   Stourbridge, Worcs.

  30 Don Road,   Thomas MORRIS   Head   M   52     Puddler in Iron Works   Moss Green, Shropshire
  Attercliffe Cum Darnall   Fanny MORRIS   Wife   M     51     Moss Green, Shropshire
    George F. MORRIS   Son   U   23     Furnaceman in Ironwork   Moss Green, Shropshire
    Harry MORRIS   Son     12     Scholar   Moss Green, Shropshire
    Ernest T. MORRIS   Son     9     Scholar   Sheffield, Yorks.
    Edward LONGMORE   Bdr   U   21     Filemaker   Wolverhampton, Staffs.

  94 Lower Milbank Street,   Richard LONGMOOR   Head   M   40     Puddler in Iron Works   Stafford
  Linthorpe   Catherine LONGMOOR   Wife   M     38     Ireland
    James McCANNOR   Son     14       Scotland
    Grace McCANNOR   Dau       13     Scotland
    Patrick McCANNOR   Son     11       Middlesbro, Yorks.
    Mary McCANNOR   Dau       4     Middlesbro, Yorks.
    Isaac LONGMOOR   Son     15       Spennymoor, Durham
    Sarah LONGMOOR   Dau       13     Spennymoor, Durham
    Kae LONGMOOR   Son     8       Middlesbro, Yorks.