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1861 UK Census extracts

The UK Census Extracts for this year are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help with additional extracts, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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The columns contain     Address,     Name,     Relationship to Head of Household,     Marital Status,     Male Age,     Female Age,     Occupation,     and     Place of Birth.

  Aston/Birmingham area  

  Golden Hillock Lane   Stephen JENKS   Head   M   58     ..... brassfounder   Aston
    Mary JENKS   Wife   M     56     Halesowen
    Sarah A.P. JENKS   Dau   U     24     Birmingham
    Betsey LONGMORE   Serv   U     41   General servant   Brierley Hill, Staffs
    Ellen PHILLIPS   Neice       12     Aston

  Aston Village   Hannah LONGMORE   Head W     60   Propr. of houses   Birmingham
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son   U   25     Handcuff maker   Aston, WAR
    Arthur LONGMORE   Son   U   25     Handcuff maker   Aston, WAR
    Esther HADLEY   Serv   U     28   General servant   Primrose Hill, WOR

  73 New Canal Street   Elizabeth LONGMORE   Head   W     52   Retail brewer   Kidderminster WOR
    Jane LEWIS   Sis   U     38   Servant   Kidderminster WOR
    Unknown   Lodg   U   55     Chelsea pensioner   Ireland
    Unknown   Lodg   U   30     Railway waggoner   Cambridge CAM

  1/253 Sherlock Street   Elias BLACKBURN   Head   M   56     Stonemason   Sutton Coldfield WAR
    Mary BLACKBURN   Wife   M     48     Birmingham WAR
    Maria LONGMORE   Dau   M     20     Birmingham WAR
    James LONGMORE   GSon     1       Birmingham WAR

  Back of 24 Constitution Hill   Reuben LOWE   Head   M   28     Gilt Toy Maker   Birmingham WAR
    Eliza LOWE   Wife   M     21     Birmingham WAR
    George E. LOWE   Son     5m       Birmingham WAR
    Urram R. LONGMORE   Cous       15   House servant   Birmingham WAR

  27 Constitution Hill   Oliver LONGMORE   Head   M   45     Shoe dealer   Birmingham WAR
    Catherine LONGMORE   Wife   M     40     Repton DBY
    Arthur LONGMORE   Son     10     Scholar   Birmingham WAR
    Mary NEW   Vis W     65     Busby DBY
    Emma BUNTLEY   Serv   U     25   House servant   Birmingham WAR

  22 Prospect Row   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   24     Hairdresser   Birmingham
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     22     Walsall, Staffs.

  9 Lower Portland Street   Stephen LONGMORE   Head   M   49     Ag. lab.   Walsall, STS
 Aston   Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     45     LEI

  87 Woodcock Street   Lambeth LONGMORE   Head   M   28     Machinist employing 1 boy   Birmingham
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Wife   M     26     Birmingham
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Dau       2     Birmingham
    Emma LONGMORE   Dau       1     Birmingham

  41 Woodcock Street   James LONGMORE   Head   M   50     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Mary LONGMORE   Wife   M     49   Japanner   Birmingham
    John James LONGMORE   Son   U   22     Gun stocker   Birmingham
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Dau   U     19     Birmingham
    William LONGMORE   Son     17     Gun works   Birmingham

  9 & 10 Bromsgrove Street   William CREED   Head   M   42     Cabinetmaker   Gloucestershire
    Sarah CREED   Wife   M     46     Malvern, WOR
    Jane CREED   Dau   U     13   Scholar   Liverpool, LAN
    James BOUCHER   Neph   U   19     Waggoner   Malvern, WOR
    Lavinia LONGMORE   Serv   U     10   Errand girl   Birmingham

  33 Lionel Street   Peter LONGMORE   Head   W   40     Wood Turner   Birmingham
    Frederick Peter LONGMORE   Son     12     Scholar   Birmingham
    Samuel James LONGMORE   Son     7     Scholar   Birmingham
    Oliver William LONGMORE   Son     5     Scholar   Birmingham
    Eliza HARGROVE   SinL       27   Assistant   Birmingham
    Emma GRIFFIS   Serv       16   House servant   Swan Village, Staffs.

  1 House, Court 12   Benton LONGMORE   Head   M   43     ???? maker   Birmingham
 Latimer Street South   Harriet LONGMORE   Wife   M     43     Birmingham
 Birmingham   Ann H. LONGMORE   Dau   U     17   Stay maker   Birmingham
    Josiah LONGMORE   Son     13       Birmingham
    Peter LONGMORE   Son    11       Birmingham
   ???? LONGMORE   Dau       9     Birmingham
    Mary LONGMORE   Dau      7  Scholar   Birmingham
   Emma LONGMORE   Dau       4   Scholar   Birmingham

  7 Highfield Terrace   Hannah LONGMORE   Head   M     39   Warehousewoman   Birmingham
 Friston Street   Lucy H. SADLER   Nce       12   Scholar   Birmingham

  3 House, 10 Court   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   29     Pin pointer   Birmingham
  Spencer Street   Ellen LONGMORE   Wife   M     33     Birmingham
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Dau       8   Scholar   Birmingham
    Emma LONGMORE   Dau       6   Scholar   Birmingham
    William LONGMORE   Son     1       Birmingham

  4 Violet Place   Samuel LATHAM   Head   M   42     Gardener   Wilnecote WAR
  Islington   Ann LATHAM   Wife   M     53     Sutton WAR
    Alfred LATHAM   Son     14     Warehouse boy   Birmingham
    Lambert LONGMORE   Lodg   W   48     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Emma LONGMORE   Lodg       10   Scholar   Birmingham

  35 Exeter Row   Richard LONGMORE   Head   M   55     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Sophia LONGMORE   Wife   M     56     Birmingham
    Sophia EVANS   Nce       20   Dressmaker   Liverpool LAN
    Hannah EVANS   Nce       9   Scholar   London MDX
    Edgar EVANS   Neph     16     Brassfounder   Liverpool LAN
    Revd. Robert ECKETT   Vis   M   63     United Free Church Minister   Scarborough YRK

  23 Great Barr Street   Thomas HART   Head   U   23     Grocer   Aston, WAR
    Elizabeth HART   Sis   U     25   Domestic   Birmingham
    William BRIDGWATER   Vis   U   25     Die Sinker   Selly Oak WAR
    Ann Newy MOORE   Vis   U     22   Dressmaker   Selly Oak WAR
    William H. LONGMORE   Neph     10     Scholar   Balsall Heath WOR

  78 Warwick Street   Samuel WILKES   Head   M   31     Boot & Shoe Maker   Ludlow SAL
  Deritend   Mary WILKES   Wife   M     40     Ludlow SAL
    John WILKES   Son     14     Umbrella frame maker   Ludlow SAL
    Samuel WILKES   Son     13     Umbrella frame maker   Ludlow SAL
    George WILKES   Son     10       Kidderminster WOR
    Charles WILKES   Son     9       Birmingham
    William WILKES   Son     4       Birmingham
    Henry WILKES   Son     2       Birmingham
    John LONGMORE   Lodg   U   19     Bricklayer Appr.   Walsall STS

  Hill Village   Joseph SALT   Head   M   47       Shenstone STS
  Mere Green   Mary SALT   Wife   M     42     Tamworth STS
    Jane LONGMORE   Bdr       2     Walsall STS
    Lydia WALTON   Bdr       2m     Sutton Coldfield WAR

  Hartlepool, Co. Durham  

  Coverdale Street   Alan LONGMOOR   Head   M   35     Joiner   South Shields, DUR
    Jane LONGMOOR   Wife   M     35     South Shields, DUR
    Frederick A LONGMOOR   Son     13     Telegraph Messenger   South Shields, DUR
    Jane LONGMOOR   Dau       11   Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    John W LONGMOOR   Son     9     Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    James LONGMOOR   Son     7     Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    Robert LONGMOOR   Son     5     Scholar   Hartlepool, DUR
    Roger LONGMOOR   Son     2       Hartlepool, DUR
    Hannah LONGMOOR   Dau       11m     Hartlepool, DUR


  Cockspur Street,   Isaiah LONGMORE   Head   M   50     Iron bedstead maker emp. 20 men   Darlaston, STS
 Darlaston   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     55     Darlaston, STS
    Mary LONGMORE   Dau  U     27     Darlaston, STS
    Ann LONGMORE   Dau  U     26     Darlaston, STS
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Dau  U     20     Darlaston, STS
    Isaiah LONGMORE   Son  U   18     Iron bedstead maker   Darlaston, STS
    Samuel LONGMORE   Son     14     Scholar   Darlaston, STS
    William LONGMORE   Neph     13    Iron bedstead maker   Darlaston, STS

  Bilston Street, Sedgley   Catherine LONGMORE   Head   W     72   No occupation   Dudley, STS

  New Road,   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   56     Shingler   Tipton, STS
  Tipton   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     50     Tipton, STS
    James LONGMORE   Son  U   12       Tipton, STS
    Priscilla LONGMORE   Dau  U     10     Tipton, STS

  New Road,   Joseph LONGMORE   Head   M   28     Shingler   Tipton, STS
  Tipton   Jane LONGMORE   Wife   M     23     Tipton, STS

  New Road,   Cafeus LONGMORE   Head   M   22     Puddler   Tipton, STS
  Tipton   Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     22     Tipton, STS
  Tipton   Jane LONGMORE   Dau   U     1     Tipton, STS

  Hall Street,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   46     Labourer at iron furnaces   Bilston, STS
  Tunstall   Eliza LONGMORE   Wife   M     36     Brierley Hill, STS
    William LONGMORE   Son  U   17     Labourer at iron furnaces   Brierley Hill, STS
    Mary A. LONGMORE   Dau  U     15   Potter   Brierley Hill, STS
    Harriet LONGMORE   Dau  U     9   Scholar   Brierley Hill, STS
    Benjamin LONGMORE   Son  U   7     Scholar   Brierley Hill, STS
    Margaret LONGMORE   Dau       5   Scholar   Brierley Hill, STS
    Selina LONGMORE   Dau       2     Brierley Hill, STS

  Windmill Cottage,   Samuel LONGMORE   Head   M   23     Spur maker   Walsall, STS
  Windwill Terrace,   Emma LONGMORE   Wife   M     23     Walsall, STS
  Walsall   Ada LONGMORE   Dau   U     1     Walsall, STS

  Windmill Cottage,   William LONGMORE   Head   M   57     Spur plater   Walsall, STS
  Windwill Terrace,   Rosanna LONGMORE   Wife   M     56     Walsall, STS
  Walsall   Harriet LONGMORE   Dau   U     21   Harness furniture stitcher   Walsall, STS

  Pleck,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   36     Pulley dresser   Walsall, STS
  Walsall   Alice LONGMORE   Wife   M     32     Walsall, STS
    John LONGMORE   Son   U   9     Scholar   Walsall, STS
    Ann LONGMORE   Dau   U     6   Scholar   Walsall, STS
    Stephen LONGMORE   Son   U   3     Scholar   Walsall, STS
    Mary Jane LONGMORE   Dau   U     2m     Walsall, STS

  12 Birmingham Street,   John LONGMORE   Head   M   55     Stonemason emp 3 men   Walsall, STS
  Walsall   Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     53     Wednesfield, STS
    Fanny LONGMORE   Dau   U     15     Walsall, STS

  Big Field,   With the WOOTTON family:-            
  Walsall   Charles LONGMORE   Lodg   U   53     Stirrup maker   Walsall, STS

  13 Court,   Charles LONGMORE   Head   M   37     General labourer   Walsall, STS
  Ablewell Street   Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     30     Lichfield, STS
  Walsall   Mary Ann LONGMORE   Dau   U     12   Stitcher   Walsall, STS
    William LONGMORE   Son     1     Infant   Walsall, STS

  20 Sandwell Street,   George LONGMORE   Head   M   28     Spur maker emp 3 men & 1 boy   Walsall, STS
  Walsall   Mary Ann LONGMORE   Wife   M     31     Walsall, STS
    Thomas A. LONGMORE   Son     4     Scholar   Walsall, STS
    George LONGMORE   Son     2       Walsall, STS
    Arthur LONGMORE   Son     4m       Walsall, STS
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Sis   U     16     Walsall, STS

  Guns Lane,   James LONGMORE   Head   M   42     Mill furnaceman   Tipton, STS
  West Bromwich   Rosannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     39     Wednesbury, STS
    James LONGMORE   Son   U   15     Iron roller   West Bromwich, STS
    Rosannah LONGMORE   Dau       9   Scholar   West Bromwich, STS
    Caroline LONGMORE   Dau       7   Scholar   West Bromwich, STS
    Mary Ann LONGMORE   Dau       5   Scholar   West Bromwich, STS
    William LONGMORE   Son     3     Scholar   West Bromwich, STS
    Mercy Ann LONGMORE   D of Cou       18   Dressmaker   West Bromwich, STS

  Lodging with the ALDRIDGE family:-              
  Gough Street,   Charles LONGMORE   Lodg   M   22     Sweep   Walsall, STS
  Wolverhampton   Jebbe LONGMORE   Wife   M     19     Walsall, STS

  1 High or Dudley Street,   Frederick W. NEALE   Head   M   43     Retail hatter emp. 2 men   Oxford, OXF
  Wolverhampton   Sarah A. NEALE   Wife   M     43     Hockley, WAR
    Ann S. NEALE   Dau   U     14   Scholar   Bilston, STS
    Maria NEALE   Dau       11   Scholar   Wolverhampton, STS
    Alice NEALE   Dau       9   Scholar   Wolverhampton, STS
    Gertrude E. NEALE   Dau       6   Scholar   Wolverhampton, STS
    Frederick N.T. NEALE   Son     4     Scholar   Wolverhampton, STS
    [Not known] NEALE   Dau       1m     Wolverhampton, STS
    Hannah LUCAS   S-in-L   M     51   Engineers wife   London, MDX
    Benton LONGMORE   Cous   U   18     Hatter (appr)   Handsworth, WAR
    Mary BOLDLEY   Serv       23   House servant   Oswestry, SAL