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1851 UK Census extracts

The UK Census Extracts for this year are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help with additional extracts, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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The columns contain     Address,     Name,     Relationship to Head of Household,     Marital Status,     Male Age,     Female Age,     Occupation,     and     Place of Birth.

  Aston/Birmingham area  

  Aston Village   Thomas LONGMORE   Head   M   62     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     50     Birmingham
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son   U   15     Brassfounder   Aston
    Arthur James LONGMORE   Son   M   12     Scholar   Aston
    Ann WITTS   Serv   M     49   House servant   Kinver, Worcs.
    Thomas ASHFORD   Serv   M   24     Groom   Sutton, War.

  Portland Street   Stephen LONGMORE   Head   M   35     Coal dealer   Walsall, Staffs
    Hannah LONGMORE   Wife   M     30     Leicester
    Thomas LONGMORE   Son   U   16     School   Birmingham
    Margaret SWANN   Inmate   W     40   Pearl button maker   Birmingham
    (Visitor crossed out)            

  35 Exeter Row   Richard LONGMORE   Head   M   45     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Sophia LONGMORE   Wife   M     46   Lacquerer   Birmingham
    Ebenezer LONGMORE   Neph   U   11     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Sophia EVANS   Neice       10   Scholar   Liverpool

  4/85 Islington Row   Lambeth LONGMORE   Head   M   38     Brassfounder journeyman   Birmingham
    Sarah LONGMORE   Wife   M     38     Birmingham
    Henry LONGMORE   Son     3       Birmingham
    Emma LONGMORE   Dau       2m     Birmingham

  47 Woodcock Street   James LONGMORE   Head   M   40     Brassfounder   Birmingham
    Mary LONGMORE   Wife   M     39   Coach harness japanner   Birmingham
    Lambert LONGMORE   Son   U   18     Surgical instrument maker   Birmingham
    John James LONGMORE   Son   U   12     Gunmaker   Birmingham
    Elizabeth LONGMORE   Dau   U     10     Birmingham
    William LONGMORE   Son   U   7       Birmingham

  Hartlepool, Co. Durham  

  Darlington Terrace   Alan LONGMOOR   Head   M   25     Carpenter   South Shields, DUR
    Jane LONGMOOR   Wife   M     25     South Shields, DUR
    Frederick LONGMOOR   Son     3       South Shields, DUR
    Jane LONGMOOR   Dau       1     Hartlepool, DUR
    Roger MOULD   FinL   W   25     Rope maker   Woolwich, KEN

  Stonehouse, Gloucestershire area  

  Stonehouse   Entry includes:-            
    Benton LONGMORE   Vis     33     Engine maker   Birmingham