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GRO Birth Index Entries 1941 - 1968

The GRO Birth Index entries for this period are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help to fill out the Mother's Maiden Name columns, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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  Forename   Surname   Reg.   Dist.   Vol/Page   Mother's Maiden Name

  March  1941
  Albert E.   LONGMORE   Leicester   7a 680   TAYLOR
  Marjorie   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 2048   SKELDING
  Raymond   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 816   WOOLARD
  Robert   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 962   WOODHEAD
  Stanley   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   6b 1670   SILK
  June  1941
  Bernard F.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 2050   SHILLINGFORD
  Dorothy I.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1765   HAYWOOD
  Margaret A.   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 343   RHODES
  Paul J.   LONGMORE   Meriden   6d 999   BRADLEY
  Philip   LONGMORE   Caerleon   11a 572   LONGMORE
  September  1941
  Yvonne   LONGMOOR   Skipton   9a 113   MOSLEY
  Ann   LONGMORE   Durham S.E.   10a 295   ALLERY
  Margaret H.   LONGMORE   Marylebone   1a 485   MILLINGTON
  Michael J.   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 422   HARGREAVES
  Robert B.   LONGMORE   S. Shields   10a 1487   MILLER
  December  1941
  Joy   LONGMORE   Hawarden   11b 657   SALE
  Margaret   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1265   DOLAN
  March  1942
  Victor   LONGMOOR   Louth   7a 1328   BLACKBOND
  Beryl   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9a 869   WOODHEAD
  Elizabeth B.   LONGMORE   Marylebone   1a 528   BARON
  Frank   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 1111   LOWRY
  Gordon F.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1303   CAWS
  Margaret I.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 64   CLEMENTS
  Walter C.A.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   1d 147   KILLICK
  June  1942
  Alan M.   LONGMORE   Windsor   2c 1052   ALLEN
  Dorothy A.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1431   PURCHASE
  September  1942
  Ann   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 248   FLOWER
  William H.J.   LONGMORE   Surrey N.W.   2a 739   PODMORE
  December  1942
  Christine E.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1073   ASH
  David R.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 496   FREEMAN
  Geoffrey M.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 1379   SHILLINGFORD
  Ian   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 836   HARTILL
  March  1943
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 929   NISBET
  Michael T.   LONGMORE   Nelson   8e 267   CURTIS
  Patricia A.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 1482   KNOTT
  Peter   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   6b 1154   WALKER
  Shirley E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 988   INSULL
  June  1943
  Sandrea   LONGMOOR   Skipton   9a 43   MOSLEY
  Irene   LONGMORE   Leicester   7a 560   TAYLOR
  Lesley N.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1173   LONGMORE
  Mavis L.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 1528   GEARY
  September  1943
  Ann   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1067   HADDOCK
  Harold   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 197   JOHNSON
  Janet I.   LONGMORE   Stafford   6b 68   BUNN
  Sandra P.   LONGMORE   Oldbury   6c 148   PARKES
  Shirley A.   LONGMORE   St. Germans   5c 18   BURNETT
  December  1943
  Carol A.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 1375   SKELDING
  James   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 166   WEST
  Keith J.   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 367   LONGMORE
  Michael R.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 167   ELLERY
  Nadeene A.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 980   HOWE
  March  1944
  Harry   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   10a 222   DODDS
  Jeffrey   LONGMORE   S. Shields   10a 1143   MILLER
  Kathleen   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 1499   HOPE
  Malcolm S.   LONGMORE   Meriden   6d 1235   BRADLEY
  Mary C.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 375   CLEMENTS
  June  1944
  June A.   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 231   ADAMS
  Marlene   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1203   ASH
  Michael G.   LONGMORE   B. Stortford   3a 1790   RANDALL
  September  1944
  Patricia A.   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   10a 286   DAWSON
  Alan   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   6b 1310   CARPENTER
  Andrew C.   LONGMORE   Liverpool S.   8b 133   CENTLIVRES
  Brian   LONGMORE   Salford   8d 783   TAYLOR
  Carmen   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   7b 1424   SOOLTOCK
  Christopher C.   LONGMORE   Bristol   6a 415   ROBINS
  Diane E.   LONGMORE   Bilston   6b 800   HIGGINS
  Ivan T.W.J.   LONGMORE   St. Germans   5c 26   BURNETT
  Karen A.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1163   DAVIS
  December  1944
  Marlene   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   See D59   HUDSON
  Ann   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   6b 1221   HARP
  Diana J.   LONGMORE   Bristol   6a 427   MAGGS
  Jean A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 545   WOOLLARD
  Pauline A.   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 313   CHAPMAN
  Sheila   LONGMORE   Liverpool N.   8b 595   LARSON
  March  1945
  Anne   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 748   WOLSTENHOLME
  Neil   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 191   JOHNSON
  Virginia M.   LONGMORE   Watford   3a 1965   WILLIAMSON
  June  1945
  Keith L.   LONGMORE   Meriden   6c 1225  Gladys Victoria LONGMORE
  Pauline A.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 179   WRIGHT
  September  1945
  Ian M.   LONGMORE   Surrey N.W.   2a 731   KENDALL
  Margaret L.   LONGMORE   Surrey S.W.   2a 768   DONYER
  Michael B.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   6b 1289   KNOTT
  Patricia M.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 371   CURTIS
  Pauline A.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   6b 1035   BULL
  December  1945
  John   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 681   WOODHEAD
  March  1946
  John C.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 1000   BENTON
  John G.   LONGMORE   Banbury   3a 2772   STEPHENSON
  Michael R.   LONGMORE   Bristol   6a 4   ROBINS
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Southwark   1d 11   KILLICK
  June  1946
  Angela M.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 170   ELLERY
  Brian L.   LONGMORE   Thanet   2c 2828   KERR
  Brian T.   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 203   WHITBY
  David F.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 789   DAVIS
  Diane E.   LONGMORE   Worcester   6c 240   PRICE
  Kenneth   LONGMORE   Stoke   6b 296   CHAPMAN
  Patricia A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 425   PARKES
  Priscilla E.   LONGMORE   Basford   7b 298   FOULDS
  William E.J.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 10   FARADAY
  September  1946
  Jean E.   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   1a 1139   GILLING
  Carol   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 138   HORSFIELD
  Carolyn M.   LONGMORE   Surrey N.W.   5g 962   WILLIAMSON
  David   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1208   MORGAN
  Helen I.   LONGMORE   Oxford   6b 1425   CENTLIVRES
  Joan M.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 567   BULLOCK
  John E.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 578   SHILLINGFORD
  Susan   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 177   LLOYD
  Sylvia M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1189   CAWS
  December  1946
  Doreen A.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1356   HEMMING
  Francis E.   LONGMORE   Windsor   6a 317   ALLEN
  Gwenyth   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1204   MORRIS
  John R.C.   LONGMORE   Worcester   9d 451   MILNARD
  Ralph D.   LONGMORE   Stafford   9b 795   BUNN
  Sandra   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 1031   HARGREAVES
  March  1947
  John W.   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   1a 1241   McKIE
  Barry F.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1619   VALE
  George W.T.   LONGMORE   Weymouth   6a 1109   VANCE
  Teresa   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1789   HAYWOOD
  June  1947
  Edwina   LONGMORE   Wortley   2d 1180   IRELAND
  Martin R.   LONGMORE   Coventry   9c 1629   MALPAS
  Patricia A.   LONGMORE   Bristol   7b 182   ROBINS
  September  1947
  John   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   1a 1131   ARMSTRONG
  Roger   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 537   BLACKBOND
  Karen P.   LONGMOOR   Surrey S.W.   5g 1376   KERR
  Roger L.   LONGMOOR   Portsmouth   6b 657   BROWN
  December  1947
  Barry G.   LANGMORE   Plymouth   7a 796   PADDOCK
  Barbara D.   LONGMORE   Harrow   5f 549   MARSDEN
  Carole A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 470   BENNETT
  Clifford H.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 43   DAVIS
  Cynthia M.   LONGMORE   Bromsgrove   9d 32   HEMMING
  Eric   LONGMORE   Liverpool N.   10d 365   LARSSON
  March  1948
  Michael   LANGMORE   Portsmouth   6b 802   DREW-READING
  Colin A.R.   LONGMORE   Truro   7a 274   RANDALL
  David J.   LONGMORE   Weymouth   6a 945   VANCE
  Diana E.   LONGMORE   Liverpool S.   10d 1047   HEATHCOTE
  Francis K.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1300   BISSELL
  Inez V.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 67   STIMPSON
  Peter R.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 183   ELLERY
  Sheila   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 956   HARGREAVES
  June  1948
  Frances M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1094   MORRIS
  Jean   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 25   FARADAY
  Terry   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1339   VALE
  September  1948
  Diane   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1701   KINNERSLEY
  David   LONGMORE   Rotherham   2c 873   CHAPMAN
  David J.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 887   HARRIS
  Janet   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1378   WALKER
  Kathleen   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 872   ADAMS
  Peter J.   LONGMORE   Holderness   2a 99   COLLINGWOOD
  December  1948
  Derek   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1591   HUDSON
  Barry P.   LONGMORE   Liverpool S.   10d 750   WHITESIDE
  Eric R.   LONGMORE   Meriden   9c 1266   CLEMENTS
  March  1949
  Kathleen G.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1052   PARKER
  Martin W.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 529   PAYTON
  Michael J.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 529   PAYTON
  June  1949
  Carole E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 772   CORBETT
  Janet   LONGMORE   Shrewsbury   9a 314   CENTLIVRES
  Mavis E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 32   DAVIS
  September  1949
  Sheila   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1534   THORNTON
  Kevin A.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 271   WOODHEAD
  Michael L.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 499   BILLINGHAM
  Roy K.   LONGMORE   Meriden   9c 1359   CONNER
  Susan M.   LONGMORE   Meriden   9c 1359   CONNER
  December  1949
  Pamela A.   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   1a 927   GILLAN
  Colin T.   LONGMORE   Liverpool N.   10d 215   STRANGE
  Philip J.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 131   ELLERY
  Robert J.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 703   HARRIS
  March  1950
  David A.   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1581   REED
  Christina   LONGMORE   Aldershot   6b 63   WAVELL
  Christine A.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 92   ROBINSON
  Christine M.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 287   SALVIN
  John A.   LONGMORE   Taunton   7c 233   MATTHEWS
  John D.   LONGMORE   Harrow   5f 466   MARSDEN
  John D.   LONGMORE   Southampton   6b 839   WILLIAMS
  Stephen P.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 479   PAYTON
  William   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 977   LEE
  June  1950
  Vera   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 483   BLACKBOND
  Andrew J.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 125   BELL
  John R.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 550   MOSELEY
  Kitty   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 141   HORSFIELD
  September  1950
  Gillian   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1131   EVANS
  Jean L.   LONGMORE   Manchester   10e 56   JOHNSON
  December  1950
  Dorothy   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 242   WOODHEAD
  Hilary R.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 955   DALE
  Reginald C.   LONGMORE   Meriden   9c 1068   GOLIGHTLY
  Timothy C.   LONGMORE   Lothingland   4b 1042   THROWER
  March  1951
  Allan   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1620   HUDSON
  Jacqueline   LONGMORE   Amounderness   10b 53   LECK
  Michael D.   LONGMORE   Southampton   6b 806   KARSTEN
  Raymond P.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 126   ATTERBY
  Stephen J.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1147   EARP
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 379   WOLSTENHOLME
  June  1951
  Julie S.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 680   TWIST
  Linda A.   LONGMORE   Bournemouth   6b 224   SHANNESSY
  Patricia J.   LONGMORE   Rotherham   2c 867   BEASLEY
  September  1951
  Denis M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 961   HALE
  Jennifer A.   LONGMORE   Weymouth   6a 814   VANCE
  Paul A.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 148   ELLERY
  Paul N.   LONGMORE   Leicester   3a 796   PAIN
  December  1951
  David A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 800   FARADAY
  Dennis   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 137   SMITH
  Patricia D.   LONGMORE   Newark   3c 242   HEATH
  March  1952
  Colin   LONGMORE   Lower Agbrigg   2c 610   ILLINGWORTH
  Irene A.   LONGMORE   Lincoln   3b 391   ATTERBY
  June  1952
  Alan D.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1006   PARKER
  Christine M.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1043   CALLAGHAN
  Corrinne L.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1013   WALL
  Dennis   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 126   ROBINSON
  Dennis   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 742   LECK
  Leslie M.   LONGMORE   Southwark   5d 694   KILLICK
  Robert I.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 976   YOUNG
  September  1952
  Alison B.   LONGMORE   Shrewsbury   9a 247   CENTLIVRES
  Christine A.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   3a 208   WARD
  Corrine   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 996   MILLINGTON
  David A.   LONGMORE   Southampton   6b 787   LEWIS
  Elaine   LONGMORE   Pontefract   2c 719   THOMPSON
  December  1952
  Brian   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 422   BLACKBOND
  Ann   LONGMORE   St Helens   10f 477   DOHERTY
  Jeffrey   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 568   FULLER
  Jennifer A.   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1416   BURTON
  Josette E.   LONGMORE   Maidstone   5b 796   EVANS
  Kathryn M.   LONGMORE   Wortley   2d 750   STIMPSON
  Marilyn A.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1031   WILLIAMS
  March  1953
  Carol   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1081   LAWLEY
  Janet   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1168   KNOTT
  Jennifer M.   LONGMORE   Hampstead   5c 1130   WILLIAMSON
  June  1953
  Carolyn J.   LONGMOOR   Croydon   5g 182   HOLDEN
  Alan R.   LONGMORE   Portsmouth   6b 719   BOYLAND
  David J.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 952   WILLIAMS
  Jeremy P.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 987   DALE
  Neil L.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 966   YOUNG
  Roger C.   LONGMORE   Basford   3c 55   FOULDS
  Susan J.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   9d 270   PEARSON
  Tunde W.   LONGMORE   Willesden   5f 423   GERSON
  September  1953
  Carol W.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 909   FARRADAY
  Judith A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 57   BELL
  Judith A.   LONGMORE   Evesham   9d 105   BEAMAN
  Robert S.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 576   TWIST
  December  1953
  Andrew   LONGMORE   Woolwich   5d 1019   WAVELL
  Bernard   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1263   HAYWOOD
  Gail R.   LONGMORE   Penzance   7a 85   RANDALL
  Jillian L.   LONGMORE   Holderness   2a 104   COLLINGWOOD
  Julie   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 224   ROBERTS
  Linda I.   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1415   ROSSER
  Stephen J.   LONGMORE   Holderness   2a 104   COLLINGWOOD
  March  1954
  Carol A.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1410   LONGMORE
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Buckrose   2a 25   RICHARDS
  Elizabeth R.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1056   WILLIAMS
  Susan   LONGMORE   St Helens   10f 571   GASKELL
  June  1954
  Christine J.   LONGMORE   Poplar   5d 374   HARRIS
  Jacqueline C.M.   LONGMORE   Surrey S.W.   5g 1199   GILLINGHAM
  September  1954
  Christine A.   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 452   BLACKBOND
  Eve   LONGMOOR   Liverpool S.   10d 826   MELIA
  John   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   1a 917   HUDSON
  Stephen   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1485   HUDSON
  David C.   LONGMORE   Eton   6a 466   DARE
  Eileen   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 128   WOODHEAD
  John M.   LONGMORE   Shrewsbury   9a 206   CENTLIVRES
  Maureen   LONGMORE   Worksop   3c 644   ROBINSON
  Sinclair   LONGMORE   Southampton   6b 816   LEWIS
  December  1954
  Christopher   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   1a 837   THORNTON
  David W.   LONGMORE   Wakefield   2d 573   THOMPSON
  John T.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 604   GIBSON
  March  1955
  Christine   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1287   HAYWOOD
  David D.   LONGMORE   St Helens   10f 584   DOHERTY
  Keith   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 42   ROBERTS
  Musa A.Y.W.   LONGMORE   Islington   5c 1337   GERSON
  Terence P.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 976   HENNEFOR
  Teresa J.   LONGMORE   Hammersmith   5c 843   HARRIS
  June  1955
  Carol J.   LONGMORE   Evesham   9d 118   BEAMAN
  Christopher P.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 181   WALTERS
  Janet E.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1252   SOUTHALL
  Karen   LONGMORE   Cannock   9b 172   BROWN
  Lesley C.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1035   MILLINGTON
  Linda   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1093   LAWLEY
  Shirley E.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 135   SMITH
  Stephen M.   LONGMORE   Pontefract   2c 722   ILLINGWORTH
  September  1955
  Christine   LONGMORE   Lambeth   5c 1654   LONGMORE
  Kevin A.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9d 971   WILLIAMS
  Linda A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 878   FARADAY
  Stephen R.   LONGMORE   Portsmouth   6b 634   BOYLAN
  William H.   LONGMORE   Shrewsbury   9a 251   PEERS
  December  1955
  March  1956
  Robert M.   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1543   REED
  Susan F.   LONGMOOR   Liverpool S.   10d 907   MELIA
  Carole   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1371   HAYWOOD
  Derek R.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 467   KNOTT
  Patricia A.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 947   HOLDEN
  Suzanne D.   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1555   CRAMM
  Tina   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 349   ROBERTS
  June  1956
  Christine A.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   9d 250   PEARSON
  John F.   LONGMORE   Derby   3a 407   BOOTON
  John N.B.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 667   BLANE
  Yvonne A.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   9b 239   DUNN
  September  1956
  Beverley A.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9d 766   TOMLINSON
  Christine M.   LONGMORE   Manchester   10e 313   KEOGH
  Elaine L.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1138   ASHTON
  Michael   LONGMORE   Newcastle L.   9b 447   PRICE
  Tina C.   LONGMORE   Pontypool   8c 329   SNELL
  December  1956
  Jayne M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9d 884   HALE
  Linda L.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 611   SWIFT
  Martyn J.   LONGMORE   Rother V.   2c 806   BEASLEY
  Paul K.   LONGMORE   Rotherham   2c 738   PILLING
  Pauline   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 208   LONGMORE
  March  1957
  Bryane   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 56   ROBERTS
  Jonathan A.   LONGMORE   Tonbridge   5b 1240   EVANS
  Mary C.   LONGMORE   Buckrose   2a 16   RICHARDS
  Theresa   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 57   ROBERTS
  June  1957
  James P.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 154   STIMPSON
  Joma G.W.   LONGMORE   Finsbury   5c 431   GERSON
  Terence A.   LONGMORE   Battersea   5c 2   HARRIS
  September  1957
  Barbara   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 953   PINSON
  David W.   LONGMORE   Stockport   10a 661   ROTHWELL
  Robert O.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 921   FARADAY
  December  1957
  Carol A.   LONGMORE   Watford   4b 515   BROWNBRIDGE
  Peter   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1515   WANLEY
  March  1958
  Albert W.   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1630   MELIA
  Carl A.   LONGMOOR   Croydon   5g 25   HOLDEN
  Beverley A.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 246   WORLEY
  Carol J.   LONGMORE   Shrewsbury   9a 207   PEERS
  Graham I.   LONGMORE   Ealing   5e 284   THIRKETTLE
  Keith   LONGMORE   Hemsworth   2b 1007   ILLINGWORTH
  Neil   LONGMORE   Bromsgrove   9d 58   ELLERY
  Nigel   LONGMORE   Bromsgrove   9d 58   ELLERY
  Paul   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1037   WELLINGS
  Stephen E.   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 1006   IMRIE
  June  1958
  Andrea J.   LONGMORE   Nuneaton   9c 1474   GILLINGHAM
  David J.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   3a 127   UMNEY
  Jacqueline A.   LONGMORE   Lichfield   9b 315   CLUNIE
  Jacqueline B.   LONGMORE   Manchester   10e 134   CHATHAM
  James C.   LONGMORE   Ealing   5e 158   SAMUELS
  Jayne M.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 514   BILLINGHAM
  Robin D.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9b 186   WALTERS
  September  1958
  Belinda M.   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1557   DAVISON
  John C.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 980   PINSON
  Robert A.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2a 200   SMITH
  December  1958
  Howard   LONGMORE   Worcester   9d 340   MILWARD
  Mark K.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 947   BEDFORD
  Paul   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 289   EVERITT
  Sharron   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 870   LEICESTER
  March  1959
  Cheryl A.   LONGMORE   Hammersmith   5c 903   HARRIS
  George R.   LONGMORE   Durham S.E.   1a 991   WANLEY
  Jill M.   LONGMORE   Gloucester C.   7b 629   TWIST
  Kevin J.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1084   EDWARDS
  Michael F.   LONGMORE   Bilston   9b 11   BIGNELL
  Michael T.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1199   NAIRN
  Ruth H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1039   MORRIS
  June  1959
  Paul R.   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 512   COATES
  Andrew P.B.   LONGMORE   Wandsworth   5d 1084a   BLANE
  Anthony P.   LONGMORE   Manchester   10e 127   CHATHAM
  Gary T.   LONGMORE   Portsmouth   6b 819   BOYLAN
  September  1959
  Angela   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1264   LONGMORE
  David   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 782   DEAKIN
  Judith A.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   9d 259   RIDGARD
  Julie J.   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 1025   IMRIE
  Melanie A.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 915   YOUNG
  Robert C.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   3a 189   ATHERTON
  Sarah J.   LONGMORE   Southwark   5d 613   SPINDLER
  Tina L.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 360   ANTHONY
  December  1959
  Marlene   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1540   HUDSON
  Barbara   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 199   CROOKES
  Ian S.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 907   WILLIAMS
  Paul   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 639   GIBSON
  Paul E.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1169   JONES
  Theresa E.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 894   FARADAY
  Zengha R.W.   LONGMORE   Worthing   5h 485   GERSON
  March  1960
  Andrew J.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1115   WILLIAMS
  Mark J.   LONGMORE   Shrewsbury   9a 262   PEERS
  Richard J.   LONGMORE   Surrey N.   5g 399   RICHARDS
  Susan M.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 911   SWIFT
  Susan R.   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 985   LEICESTER
  June  1960
  Barbara   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 751   TOMLINSON
  Jayne K.   LONGMORE   Ealing   5e 221   SAMUELS
  Linda   LONGMORE   Holderness   2a 2203/S   COLLINGWOOD
  Sharon L.   LONGMORE   Harrow   5f 620   LONGMORE
  September  1960
  Valerie   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1626   DAVISON
  Julie C.   LONGMORE   Eton   6a 646   DARE
  Julie S.   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1588   BENNETT
  Keith A.   LONGMORE   Battersea   5c 3   HARRIS
  Maureen   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1288   WELLINGS
  December  1960
  Denise M.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 20   WORLE
  Joy   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 744   REYNOLDS
  March  1961
  Charles J.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1592   THOMAS
  Karen J.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   9d 310   RIDGARD
  Michael R.   LONGMORE   Watford   4b 625   BROWNBRIDGE
  Oswald B.A.   LONGMORE   Camberwell   5c 142   HALL
  Patrick C.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1529a   THOMAS
  June  1961
  Zoe L.   LONGMOOR   Croydon   5g 14   WILD
  Craig D.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1161   FARMER
  Georgina   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1285   CHANCE
  Jeanette   LONGMORE   Doncaster   2b 665   GALE
  Keith A. A.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1174   WILLIAMS
  Patricia   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 1054   LEICESTER
  Patricia W.   LONGMORE   Meriden   9c 1515   LONGMORE
  Philip H.   LONGMORE   Sunderland   1a 1342   HARRINGTON
  September  1961
  Jacqueline   LONGMOOR   Liverpool S.   10d 1027   MELIA
  Janet A.   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1732   AINSLEY
  Adam J.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 1041   BEDFORD
  Jacqueline M.   LONGMORE   Islington   5c 1571   HEADLEY
  John C.   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 5   SMITH
  Julie A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 1045   LONGMORE
  Wendy J.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 194   WALTERS
  December  1961
  Ann E.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 703   McCORMACK
  Denise   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 894   HANCOCK
  Eveline   LONGMORE   Wakefield   2d 687   THOMPSON
  Heather   LONGMORE   B. Stortford   4b 52   LONGMORE
  Kevin A.   LONGMORE   Huddersfield   2b 1141   ILLINGWORTH
  Stephen   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 279   KIRBY
  March  1962
  Alison D.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 812   BENTLEY
  Gary J.   LONGMORE   Manchester   10e 63   CHATHAM
  Jean   LONGMORE   Durham S.E.   1a 1018   WANLEY
  Keith E.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1566   SAMUELS
  Mark   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 407   HODGSON
  Steven   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 511   LONGMORE
  Steven P.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 829   TOMLINSON
  June  1962
  Joyce P.   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1708   AINSLEY
  Mark A.   LONGMOOR   Grimsby   3b 331   HILL
  David   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 1108   LEE
  David F.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1651   BIGNALL
  Gary N.   LONGMORE   Bromsgrove   9d 12   ELLERY
  Julie A.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   3a 267   UMNEY
  June   LONGMORE   Liverpool N.   10d 645   STRANGE
  Lloyd L.   LONGMORE   Camberwell   5c 243   LONGMORE
  Susan V.   LONGMORE   Southwark   5d 716   SPINDLER
  September  1962
  Anne   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 430   ROBERTS
  Geoffrey S.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   5c 1896   HALL
  Jennifer R.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 204   LONGMORE
  Patricia L.   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 1113   LEICESTER
  December  1962
  David A.W.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 992   WASSELL
  Dawn K.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1539   DARBY
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Leicester   3a 1050   PAIN
  Jayne E.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1014   PINSON
  Peter   LONGMORE   S. Shields   1a 1271   HARRINGTON
  Robin   LONGMORE   S. Shields   1a 1271   HARRINGTON
  Stephen R.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1091   JONES
  Wayne   LONGMORE   Totnes   7a 881   LONGMORE
  March  1963
  James   LONGMOOR   Croydon   5g 257   WILD
  John R.   LONGMOOR   Louth   7a 852   HILL
  Angela V.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 861   GIBBONS
  Beverley E.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1716   SAMUELS
  Brian E.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   5c 2627   ALLEYNE
  June  1963
  Andrew C.   LONGMORE   Salford   10f 763   WHITCHURCH
  Carol A.   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 488   PEARSON
  Dave A.   LONGMORE   Islington   5c 1492   McLEOD
  Fiona E.   LONGMORE   Hammersmith   5c 1244   WAVELL
  Helen A.   LONGMORE   Lambeth   5c 1973   LONGMORE
  Paul A.   LONGMORE   Liverpool S.   10d 1023   WITHAM
  Richard J.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   3a 283   ALLEN
  Susan M.R.   LONGMORE   Romford   5a 759   ARMSTRONG
  September  1963
  Steven J.   LONGMOOR   Mansfield   3c 279   LIMMER
  Andrew S.   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   3a 218   ATHERTON
  Christine   LONGMORE   Durham N.E.   1a 657   GIBSON
  Dawn A.   LONGMORE   Crewe   10a 444   BENTLEY
  Kevin   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 25   LONGMORE
  Mark C.   LONGMORE   Redruth   7a 123   RANDALL
  December  1963
  John H.   LONGMOOR   Durham S.E.   1a 924   AINSLEY
  Adam K.   LONGMORE   Edmonton   5e 430   SKINNER
  Andrew   LONGMORE   Wortley   2d 890   BIGGIN
  Andrew   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 491   SALTHOUSE
  Julie A.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1095   HOLDEN
  Nigel J.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 111   HANCOCK
  Paul   LONGMORE   Prescot   10f 442   EMERY
  Penelope A.   LONGMORE   Aldershot   6b 14   SEVIER
  March  1964
  Bernadette M.   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 604   HILL
  Stephen   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1589   COCKBURN
  Deborah A.   LONGMORE   Penzance   7a 92   KEWN
  Frances L.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1274   WILLIAMS
  John A.   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 1144   IMRIE
  John P.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1252   FARMER
  Michael J.   LONGMORE   Bromsgrove   9d 20   RIDGARD
  Paul E.   LONGMORE   Portsmouth   6b 974   BOYLAN
  Simon   LONGMORE   Portsmouth   6b 865   EASTWOOD
  Susan   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 889   GIBBONS
  June  1964
  Nigel P.   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 618   COATES
  Brian R.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 232   WALTERS
  Tracey   LONGMORE   Cannock   9b 244   BROWN
  September  1964
  Ian P.   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 995   HEARN [?]
  Mark C.   LONGMORE   Barkston Ash   2d 686   ALIMAN
  Peggy Y.   LONGMORE   Lewisham   5h 45   ALLEYNE
  Stewart C.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1287   SAXON
  December  1964
  Janet   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 31   FARADAY
  Paul S.   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1564   BARNETT
  March  1965
  Louise D.   LONGMOOR   Cleveland   1b 972   RAMAGE
  Tracey A.   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 595   HILL
  Dawn M.   LONGMORE   Camberwell   M'LE   CAMPBELL
  Dawn M.   LONGMORE   Camberwell   5c 110   CAMPBELL
  Julie A.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 16676/S   THORNES
  Stephen W.   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1206   NORRIS
  Susan   LONGMORE   Newcastle/T   1b 133   SINCLAIR
  Susan H.   LONGMORE   Newcastle/T   1b 133   SINCLAIR
  June  1965
  Adrian L.   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1554   ECCLESTON
  Carl W.A.   LONGMORE   Buckrose   2a 53   ARCHER
  Jacqueline C.   LONGMORE   Hammersmith   5b 1056   DAWES
  Judith A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 209   BEDFORD
  Karen   LONGMORE   Stoke   9b 991   BENTLEY
  Kay   LONGMORE   Durham S.E.   1a 974   WANLEY
  Lee A.   LONGMORE   Wednesbury   9b 1328   FARMER
  Tracey A.   LONGMORE   Cannock   9b 248   CARTER
  September  1965
  Darren M.   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1471   ASHTON
  Robert M.   LONGMORE   Penzance   7a 81   KEWN
  December  1965
  Julie D.   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 534   COATES
  Coral   LONGMORE   Chelsea   5a 1195   McFARLANE
  Freda C.   LONGMORE   Northampton   3b 879   COSTELLO
  Ian   LONGMORE   S. Shields   1a 1198   GIBSON
  Jane   LONGMORE   Havering   5c 69   ARMSTRONG
  Jonathan B.   LONGMORE   Martley   9d 223   BROXTON
  Kaye   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1547   ROSSER
  Robert A.   LONGMORE   Newcastle/L   9b 432   SMITH
  March  1966
  Corielle Dione   LONGMORE   Camberwell   5a 1185   ALLEYNE
  Eamon Joseph   LONGMORE   Manchester   10e 167   CHATHAM
  Elizabeth Jane   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   9d 207   PATRICK
  Fenella Lerdna   LONGMORE   Islington   5c 1231   McLEOD
  Jo-Ann   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 1067   MADELEY
  Karen   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 273   FARRIDAY
  Susan Jayne   LONGMORE   Rowley R.   9b 493   PEARSON
  June  1966
  Karln Marie   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 556   HILL
  Raymond   LONGMOOR   W. Hartlepool   1a 1548   COCKBURN
  Gary   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 962   LEE
  Grant   LONGMORE   Stoke/T   9b 779   REYNOLDS
  Kim Florence   LONGMORE   Lambeth   5d 122   FOSTER
  Naughton Orgyl   LONGMORE   Paddington   5d 1070   THOMAS
  Philip Stephen   LONGMORE   Chesterfield   3a 220   ALLEN
  Tony Dean   LONGMORE   Warrington   10f 1034   IMRIE
  September  1966
  Jane Ann   LONGMOOR   Mansfield   3c 176   LIMMER
  Gary   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1307   ASTLE
  Jane Marie   LONGMORE   Ormskirk   10f 290   WHEELER
  Joanne Corrine   LONGMORE   Bromsgrove   9b 73   HEMMING
  December  1966
  Ian   LONGMORE   W. Hartlepool   1a 1434   WANLEY
  James Robert   LONGMORE   Stoke/T   9b 699   GIBBONS
  Jaycee Anne   LONGMORE   Cannock   9b 171   SCHOLEY
  Robert   LONGMORE   Southampton   6b 1164   LEWIS
  Stephen David   LONGMORE   Scunthorpe   3b 637   BORRELL
  March  1967
  Margaret Lewis   LONGMOOR   Liverpool N.   10d 299   MELIA
  Alison Jayne   LONGMORE   Salford   10f 750   WHITCHURCH
  Jason Robert   LONGMORE   Portsmouth   6b 879   EASTWOOD
  Mark David   LONGMORE   Leigh   10d 66   WITHAN
  Matthew Peter   LONGMORE   W. Bromwich   9b 1433   MESSER
  June  1967
  Ian Michael   LONGMOOR   Louth   3b 583   HILL
  Jane Stella   LONGMORE   Stoke/T   9b 869   BEARD
  Justine Mary   LONGMORE   Lichfield   9b 496   CLUNIE
  Mark John   LONGMORE   Worcester   9d 430   STINTON
  Martin John   LONGMORE   Lichfield   9b 496   CLUNIE
  Stephen   LONGMORE   Stoke/T   9b 723   TURNER
  September  1967
  Christine Ann   LONGMORE   Sheffield   2d 1   SMITH
  Helen   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1037   JONES
  Richard David   LONGMORE   Kensington   5c 1253   DE PONTON D'AMECOURT
  Tracey   LONGMORE   Ealing   56 10424/b   UPTON
  December  1967
  Brian   LONGMOOR   Mansfield   3c 129   LIMMER
  David Arthur   LONGMOOR   Nottingham   3c 385   CLIFTON
  Andrew Norman   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1602   ASTON
  Patrick Antony   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1491   SAMUELS
  Terence   LONGMORE   Chelsea   5a 1120   McFARLANE
  Terrence Roy   LONGMORE   Huddersfield   2b 1063   ILLINGWORTH
  March  1968
  Alison   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   1a 1471   HARLAND
  Dawn Mary   LONGMORE   Camberwell   5a 1148   CAMPBELL
  Jane Helen   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   9b 1750   HATTON
  Mark Victor   LONGMORE   Walsall   9b 1156   FARMER
  Sean   LONGMORE   Prescott   10f 304   EMERY
  Victoria   LONGMORE   Ormskirk   10f 234   WHEELER
  June  1968
  Adrian Martin   LONGMORE   Barton   10b 480   WHITCHURCH
  Conrad Holden   LONGMORE   Manchester   10e 274   CORCORAN
  David Roger   LONGMORE   Oxford   6b 1854   BROXTON
  Michaela Lea   LONGMORE   Birmingham   9c 5168   WRIGHT
  Sonia Sylvester   LONGMORE   Camberwell   5a 1141   ALLEYNE
  Stephanie   LONGMORE   Macclesfield   10a 623   HANCOCK
  Tahera   LONGMORE   Huddersfield   2b 1283   QUARMBY
  Tania Anne   LONGMORE   Trowbridge   7c 1201   WILLIAMS
  September  1968
  December  1968
  Robert Michael   LONGMOOR   Durham E.   1a 551   HILL