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GRO Birth Index Entries 1891 - 1901

The GRO Birth Index entries for this period are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help to fill out the Mother's Maiden Name columns, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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  Forename   Surname   Reg.   Dist.   Vol/Page   Mother's Maiden Name

  March   1891
  Charles Edward   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 244  
  Charles Gerard   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 554  
  George Alexander   LONGMORE   Islington   1b 306  
  Margaret   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 115  
  June   1891
  Albert Edward   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 942  
  Alfred Jones   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 748  
  Herbert   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 775  
  James   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 599  
  Raymond   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 766  
  Septimus   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 170  
  William   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 162  
  September   1891
  Ellen Maria   LONGMORE   Newcastle-under-Lyme   6b 58  
  Frank   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 266  
  Herbert   LONGMORE   Eccleshall B.   9c 371  
  James John   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 286  
  Maria   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 393  
  May   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 213   Sarah Jane LLOYD
  Sarah Ellen   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 531  
  William   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 703  
  William John   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 127  
  December   1891
  Bertram Harry   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 233  
  Martha   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 473  
  Walter Oscar G.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 717  
  March   1892
  Agnes   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 500  
  Alice Moad   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 745  
  Elsie   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 702  
  Nelson   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 232  
  June   1892
  Ada Louisa   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 207  
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 530  
  Ellen Amelia   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 231  
  Florence   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 915  
  Mark   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 741  
  Mary Jane   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 917  
  Minnie   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 136  
  September   1892
  Alice Maud   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 765  
  Dorothy Fanny   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 768  
  Ernest Wilfrid   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 620  
  Mary Ann E.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 235  
  Phoebe   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 176  
  Robert   LONGMORE   Shardlow   7b 481  
  William   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 561  
  December   1892
  Ernest   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 246  
  Hannah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 794  
  John William   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 421  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 110  
  Mary Lilian A.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 198  
  March   1893
  Ethel Maud   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 158  
  Alfred   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 122  
  Frederick William   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 129  
  James William   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 263  
  Lily Mary   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 772  
  Reginald Alfred   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 248  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 246  
  June   1893
  Blanche   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 933  
  Edith   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 964  
  Elsie   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 230  
  George Francis   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 962  
  Mary Ellen   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 609  
  Phoebe   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 198  
  Selina   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 222  
  September   1893
  Arthur Stephen   LONGMORE   Eccleshall B.   9c 356  
  Cyril Raymond   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 446  
  Eva   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 732  
  John Douglas   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 578  
  December   1893
  Amelia   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 256  
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 551  
  Benjamin   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 172  
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 253   Sarah Jane LLOYD
  Jenny   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 771  
  John   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 172  
  Josephine   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 770  
  Nellie May   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 177  
  March   1894
  Ada   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 141  
  Annie Eliza   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 413  
  Betsy   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 750  
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 784  
  John William   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 699  
  Joseph Bertie   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 567  
  Mabel Etheldreda   LONGMORE   Lambeth   1d 575  
  Muriel Doris M.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 796  
  June   1894
  Frances   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 141  
  George Sievers   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 164a  
  James   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 154  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Eccleshall B.   9c 367  
  Laura   LONGMORE   St. Saviour   1d 74  
  Reuben John   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 226  
  Violet   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 248  
  September   1894
  Emily Jane B.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 205  
  Francis   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 877  
  Walter Charles   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 205  
  December   1894
  Lily   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 915  
  Maria   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 220  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 502  
  Sydney   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 243  
  March   1895
  Sarah Ann A.   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 111  
  Alfred Hucks   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 759  
  Bernard   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 590  
  Ernest Harry   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 210  
  Jacob Jennings   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 759  
  Mary Ethel   LONGMORE   Wortley   9c 361  
  Reginald Shilton   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 8  
  June   1895
  Ada Eileen   LONGMORE   Newcastle-under-Lyme   6b 58  
  Lionel Charles   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 241  
  William   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 198  
  September   1895
  John James   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 241  
  Louisa   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 924  
  Maria   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 756  
  Minnie   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 290  
  Norman Frederick   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 766  
  Richard   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 551  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 613  
  December   1895
  Alice Ellen   LONGMORE   Shardlow   7b 471  
  Ann   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 602  
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 724  
  Emily Hilda   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 697  
  Hannah Catherine   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 501  
  Henrietta May   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 501  
  Jack   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 714  Sarah Ann YARROW
  Leonard   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 199  
  March   1896
  Ada   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 543  
  Alexander   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 241  
  Elsie Isabel   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 123  
  Hannah   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 132  
  Marian Florence   LONGMORE   Pancras   1b 93  
  Thomas Hall   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 726  
  June   1896
  Alfred   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 171  
  Alice Maria   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 281   Sarah Jane LLOYD
  Archie   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 929  
  Bertha   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 259  
  Leah Amelia   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 366  
  September   1896
  Agatha   LONGMORE   Merthyr Tydfil   11a 698  
  Lilian   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 154  
  December   1896
  Ethel   LONGMOOR   Sheffield   9c 595  
  Thomas William   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 172  
  Albert Edward   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 263  
  Alfred John   LONGMORE   Burton   6b 449  
  Doris Evelyn   LONGMORE   Birkenhead   8a 594  
  Elizabeth Blakey W.   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 798  
  Ernest   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 120  
  Frederick Charles   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 27  
  Gladys Ellen M.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 233  
  Hannah   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 41  
  Thomas Henry   LONGMORE   St. Asaph   11b 397  
  Walter   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 410  
  William Allen   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 783  
  March   1897
  Frederick Allan   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 127  
  Jane Mary   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 177  
  Adeline Eleanor   LONGMORE   Lewisham   1d 1223  
  Amy Elizabeth   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 280  
  Edgar   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 763  
  Eliza Ann   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 259  
  Elsie Maud   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 217  
  Harry   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 641  
  John   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 955  
  John Thomas   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 153  
  William Henry   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 215  
  June   1897
  Ada   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 273   Mary Ann WAREHAM
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 232  
  Clarence Frederick   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 239  
  Edward   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 116  
  Jessy   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 636  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 893  
  Sarah Maria   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 728  
  September   1897
  Aubrey Cyril   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 752  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Liverpool   8b 86  
  Ellen Mary   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 474  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 630  
  December   1897
  Mary Ann   LONGMOOR   Wandsworth   1d 740  
  Adelaide   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 631  
  Alexander Edward J.   LONGMORE   Richmond Surrey   2a 419  
  Frederick James   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 139  
  Joseph Walter   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 282  
  March   1898
  Albert Clarence   LONGMORE   Shardlow   7b 513  
  Edith Emily   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 239  
  Ellen   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 120  
  Elsie May   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 244  
  Elsie May   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 962  
  Isaac   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 560  
  John   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 116  
  Nita Constance R.   LONGMORE   South Stoneham   2c 59  
  Frances Amy   LONGSMORE   Tenbury   6c 254  
  June   1898
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Wortley   9c 342  
  James   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 599  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 954  
  Reginald Charles   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 236  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Merthyr Tydfil   11a 728  
  September   1898
  Hannah Mary   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 129  
  Alan Thomas   LONGMORE   Pancras   1b 94  
  Albert   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 179  
  George William   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 148  
  Lucy   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 751  
  Sarah Jane   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 265   Sarah Jane LLOYD
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 98  
  Thomas Arthur   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 207  
  December   1898
  Eva   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 134  
  Annie Blagon   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 782  
  Florence   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 590  
  Frances Hannah   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 238   Hannah Matilda HOMER
  Francis Leslie   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 502  
  Frank Douglass   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 752  
  Ivy Annie   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 468  
  Nora Winifred   LONGMORE   Lambeth   1d 523  
  March   1899
  Benjamin   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 97  
  Daniel   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 95  
  Harry   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 219  
  James   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 784  
  William   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 57  
  June   1899
  Arthur John   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 496  
  Eva   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 230  
  Harold   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 271   Mary Ann WAREHAM
  James Thomas M.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 190a  
  John Alexander   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 642  
  Lewis   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 646  
  Mary Ellen   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 560  
  Thomas Arthur H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 808  
  September   1899
  Catherine   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 167  
  Priscilla Knowles   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 190  
  Albert   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 112  
  Alice   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 254  
  Francis William   LONGMORE   St. Asaph   11b 302  
  Harold   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 213  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 124  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 950  
  December   1899
  Elsie   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 148  
  George Edward   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 166  
  Henry Richard   LONGMORE   St. Saviour   1d 83  
  John Sidney   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 722  
  Nellie Addis   LONGMORE   St. Saviour   1d 92  
  Samuel James   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 152  
  Violet Constance   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 917  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 928  
  March   1900
  Beatrice E.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 243  
  Charles Stanton   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 786  
  Charlotte   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 126  
  James Richard   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 178  
  Mark Joseph   LONGMORE   Gloucester   6a 336  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 983  
  William   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 161  
  June   1900
  Ellen   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 109  
  George Henry   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 605  
  Harriet May   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 603  
  Joseph William   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 191  
  Reginald Charles   LONGMORE   Basford   7b 194  
  William   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 300  
  September   1900
  Eli   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 59  
  Florence Mary   LONGMORE   Rotherham   9c 732  
  George   LONGMORE   Middlesborough   9d 601  
  Gertrude Dorothy   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 234  
  John   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 771  
  Pretoria May   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 372  
  Rosannah   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 56  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 421  
  Samuel Horace   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 792  
  William   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 443   Louisa TAYLOR
  December   1900
  Ella   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 121  
  Dorothy   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 905  
  Enos   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 635  
  Francis William   LONGMORE   Richmond Surrey   2a 407  
  Frieda Nellie   LONGMORE   Wrexham   11b 217  
  Horace Robert   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 754  
  John Alexander S.   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 775  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 86  
  March   1901
  John Robert   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 194  
  Albert   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 145  
  Edward   LONGMORE   Cannock   6b 509  
  John Benjamin   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 186  
  John William   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 177  
  Lamberth   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 245   Sarah Jane LLOYD
  Thomas Charles   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 43  
  Victoria Gertrude   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 219  
  June   1901
  Roger   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 197  
  Albert   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 246  
  Albert Frederick R.   LONGMORE   Warrington   8c 230  
  Doris   LONGMORE   Lewisham   1d 1199  
  Gladys Mary   LONGSMORE   Tenbury   6c 258  
  September   1901
  Benjamin   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 932  
  Elsie   LONGMORE   Cheadle   6b 359  Charlotte Mosley SCHOFIELD
  Enoch   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 93  
  James William B.P.M.P.   LONGMORE   Hartlepool   10a 167  
  Sydney Holland   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 492  
  William Frederick   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 100  
  December   1901
  Alexander F.   LONGMOOR   Wandsworth   1d 790  
  Albert Edward   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 926  
  Arthur   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 920  
  Cecil   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 728  
  Ernest Edwin   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 1  
  Walter   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 633  
  William Henry   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 918