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GRO Birth Index Entries 1854 - 1866

The GRO Birth Index entries for this period are shown below. If you spot any errors or can help to fill out the Mother's Maiden Name columns, I should be delighted to hear from you. Please note that I have only included LONGMORE and minor spelling variations such as LONGMOOR and LONGMOORE, and I have excluded significantly different names such as LONGMIRE & LONGMUIR.

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  Forename   Surname   Reg.   Dist.   Vol/Page   Mother's Maiden Name

  March   1854
  Male   LANGMORE   Shoreditch   1c 117  
  Jacob   LONGMOOR   South Shields   10a 365  
  James   LONGMORE   Tavistock   5b 333  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 604  
  June   1854
  Mary J.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 7  
  Mary J.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 569  
  Nathaniel   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 643  
  September   1854
  Susannah   LONGMON   Walsall   6b 451  
  John J.   LONGMOORE   Hull   9c 166  
  Ann   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 500  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 569  
  December   1854
  Benjamin   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 163  
  Henry P.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 540  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 540  
  Maria   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 22  
  March   1855
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 241  
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 197  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 451  
  George   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 249  
  Mary A.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 203  
  June   1855
  Adelaide   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 560  
  Emma   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 156  
  Joseph E.   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 210  
  Rosalie W.   LONGMORE   Stamford   7a 266  
  September   1855
  Robert   LONGMOORE   Stockton   10a 74  
  John   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 309  
  December   1855
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 470  
  Charles E.   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 232  
  Oliver W.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 118  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 585  
  March   1856
  Mary   LONGMORE   Salford   9d 49  
  Mary A.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 613  
  Harriet A.   LONGMORL   Walsall   6b 524  
  June   1856
  Male   LANGMORE   Shoreditch   1c 98  
  William J.   LONGMOOR   Strand   1b 390  
  Ambrose   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 650  
  Martha   LONGMORE   Hull   9d 184  
  Sarah E.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 261  
  Simion   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 384  
  September   1856
  Edward   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 223  
  Henry   LONGMORE   Clifton   6a 98  
  Jane   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   11a 191  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 595  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 589  
  William   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 197  
  December   1856
  Agnes   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 316  
  Caroline   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 232  
  March   1857
  Albert P.   LANGMORE   St. Luke   1b 560  
  Amos   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 642  
  Ann   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 88  
  Emma   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 245  
  Nelson   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 253  
  Thomas H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 527  
  June   1857
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 525  
  Margaret   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 201  
  William H.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 538  
  September   1857
  Annie M.   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 232  
  Betsy   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 258  
  Charles J.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 523  
  Ellen S.   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 394  
  Hannah   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 473  
  James I.   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 44  
  Priscilla   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 194  
  Stephen   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 525  
  William   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 39  
  December   1857
  Eliza R.   LONGMORE   Chelsea   1a 176  
  Martha J.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 154  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Barnsley   9c 120  
  Phoebe   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 609  
  March   1858
  Isaiah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 675  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 662  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 331  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 623  
  June   1858
  Female   LANGMORE   Shoreditch   1c 94  
  Frances M.   LONGMOOR   South Shields   10a 494  
  Rodger   LONGMOOR   Stockton   10a 85  
  Elizabeth E.   LONGMORE   Salford   8d 33  
  Francis   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 683  
  Richard   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 201  
  December   1858
  Alexander F.   LONGMOOR   Strand   1b 400  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 191  
  Mary A.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 248   Elizabeth LINGARD
  Walter   LONGMORE   Stone   6b 36  
  March   1859
  George   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 564  
  Mary J.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 562  
  Robert W.   LONGMORE   Salford   8d 14  
  June   1859
  Alice   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 559  
  Arthur P.   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 263  
  Sarah J.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 674  
  September   1859
  Jane M.   LANGMORE   Edmonton   3a 118  
  Francis   LONGMON   Walsall   6b 495  
  Ada   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 539  
  Ann M.   LONGMORE   Barnsley   9c 123  
  Annie   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 545  
  Ellen   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 215  
  Harriet   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 366  
  Isabella   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 539  
  John   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 222  
  Reginald H.   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 43  
  Richard   LONGMORE   Salford   8d 40  
  Sarah L.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 637  
  William   LONGMORE   Salford   8d 40  
  December   1859
  Edwin   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 640  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 226  
  Eva Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 252  Emily COOKE (D.O.B. 29/10/1859)
  James   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 259  
  Mary   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 36  
  Richard   LONGMORE   Bath   5c 673  
  Sarah K.   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 51  
  William   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 542  
  March   1860
  Helen   LONGMORE   Clifton   6a 131  
  John   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 742  
  Joseph Thomas   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 202  
  Maria Eliza   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 135  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 749  
  William Alfred   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 218  
  June   1860
  Hannah Mary   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 103  
  Emma   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 267   Elizabeth LINGARD
  George   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 248  
  September   1860
  Martha   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 554  
  Mary Hannah   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 338  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Salford   8d 70  
  December   1860
  Henry Bowles Reeves   LANGMORE   Edmonton   3a 123  
  Ann Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Bethnal Green   1c 313  
  Annie Maria   LONGMORE   St. Luke   1b 570  
  James   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 634  
  Laura Caroline   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 41  
  March   1861
  Louisa   LANGMORE   St. Giles   1b 401  
  Eleanor Ann   LONGMOOR   South Shields   10a 455  
  Arthur   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 547  
  Ellen   LONGMORE   Rochdale   8c 52  
  James   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 317  
  Mary Jane   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 561  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 683   Maria Ann YARDLEY
  June   1861
  Clara   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 591  
  Edgar   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 592  
  George   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 549  
  John   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 706  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 696  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 696  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 229  
  Titus James   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 712  
  William   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 264  
  September   1861
  Elizabeth Ann   LONGMORE   Hunslet   9b 239  
  Emma   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 642  
  George   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 222  
  December   1861
  Ellen   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 87  
  March   1862
  Susan Maria   LANGMORE   St George S   1d 135  
  Cephas   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 55  
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 551  
  Eliza   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 140  
  Josiah   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 232  
  Martha Harriet Fenton   LONGMORE   Hull   9d 194  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 667  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   11a 184  
  Russell James   LONGMORE   Lewisham   1d 745  
  June   1862
  George Siners   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 110  
  Charles   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 577  
  Charlotte   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 279  
  Edith Matilda   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 710  
  Edward James   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 231  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 60  
  James   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 287  
  Jane   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 233  
  John   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 693  
  Margaret   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 607  
  September   1862
  Mabel   LANGMORE   St. Giles   1b 383  
  Lucy   LONGMOOR   Wellington Salop   6a 736  
  Ann   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 183  
  Richard Hemmingley   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 664  
  Richard Hemmingsley   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 664  
  Sarah Jane Stevens   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 97  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 188  
  December   1862
  Harriet   LONGMOOR   Newcastle-upon-Tyne   10b 75  
  Alice Ada   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 523  
  Emily   LONGMORE   Clifton   6a 103  
  Isabella Maria   LONGMORE   Medway   2a 350   Mary Rosalie Helen MOORSOM
  James Hateley   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 263  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Clifton   6a 103  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 634  
  Phoebe   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 635  
  Samson   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 347  
  Susannah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 633  
  William John   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 239  
  March   1863
  Albert Edward   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 140  
  Emmeline   LONGMORE   Hertford   3a 276  
  James   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 303   Elizabeth LINGARD
  Phoebe Page   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 566  
  Rachel Agnes   LONGMORE   Shoreditch   1c 197  
  William   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 105  
  June   1863
  Dinah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 718  
  Edward Joseph   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 422  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 719  
  Louisa   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 722  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 274  
  September   1863
  Mary Elizabeth   LONGMOORE   Poplar   1c 637  
  Henry   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 48  
  John   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 683   Maria Ann YARDLEY
  December   1863
  Georgiana   LANGMORE   St. Giles   1b 420  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 510  
  Emily   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 426  
  Kate   LONGMORE   Kensington   1a 63  
  Lily Hannah   LONGMORE   Halifax   9a 401  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 117   Maria SHIMEL
  Sophia   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 664  
  March   1864
  Amiee Garmault   LANGMORE   Edmonton   3a 151  
  Edwin   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 255  
  Elizabeth Ellen   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   11a 206  
  Herbert Alexander   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 58  
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 644  
  William   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 277  
  June   1864
  Alexander John   LONGMORE   Shoreditch   1c 194  
  Isaiah   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 232  
  Maria   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 300  
  Mary Ann   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 742  
  September   1864
  Alfred Thomas   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 31   Rebecca LONGMORE
  Alice   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 283   Elizabeth LINGARD
  Clara   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 704  
  Elizabeth Goodman   LONGMORE   Worcester   6c 287  
  Emma   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 579  
  Joseph   LONGMORE   Dudley   6c 30  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Stourbridge   6c 216  
  Sarah Ann   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 576  
  Sarah Emma   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 246  
  December   1864
  Ellen   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 29  
  George Henry   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 198  
  March   1865
  Alfred   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   11a 176  
  Betsy   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 782  
  Clara Kate   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 632  
  Harry   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 791  
  Sarah Day   LONGMORE   Sheffield   9c 397  
  Thomas William Muir   LONGMORE   South Stoneham   2a 49   Mary Rosalie Helen MOORSOM
  June   1865
  Sarah Margaret   LANGMORE   St. Giles   1b 444  
  Thomas Joseph   LONGMOOR   Hartlepool   10a 128  
  Daniel   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 109  
  Eleanor   LONGMORE   Stockton   10a 52  
  John   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 217  
  Leonard   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 205  
  Mary   LONGMORE   Wolverhampton   6b 570  
  Richard   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 114  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 770  
  Thomas   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 763  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 781  
  September   1865
  Arthur Albert   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 576  
  Clara Annie   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 709  
  Eliza Ann   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 131  
  John Cartan   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 390  
  Noah   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 228  
  December   1865
  Francis   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 695  
  Frank Howard   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 586  
  John Richard   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 111  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 696  
  Sarah Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 251  
  March   1866
  Annie C.   LANGMORE   Sevenoaks   2a 495  
  Alice   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 646  
  Minnie   LONGMORE   South Shields   10a 597  
  June   1866
  Charles   LONGMORE   Kings Norton   6c 484  
  Elizabeth   LONGMORE   Wolstanton   6b 98  
  Emma   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 765  
  Helena I.   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 441  
  Julia   LONGMORE   Manchester   8d 130  
  Mary A.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 123   Maria SHIMEL
  Samuel   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 632  
  Sarah A.   LONGMORE   Kidderminster   6c 267  
  Susan H.R.   LONGMORE   South Stoneham   2c 45   Mary Rosalie Helen MOORSOM
  William H.   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 767  
  September   1866
  Adelaide B.   LANGMORE   St. Giles   1b 457  
  Frederick W.   LONGMORE   Walsall   6b 541  
  Harriet   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 701  
  Jane E.   LONGMORE   Lichfield   6b 386  
  Martha   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 689  
  Mary J.   LONGMORE   Stoke-on-Trent   6b 192  
  Sarah   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 314  Maria BLACKBURN
  Sarah J.   LONGMORE   Aston   6d 278  
  William   LONGMORE   Newport Monmouth   11a 211  
  William   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 286  
  December   1866
  Felix R.   LONGMORE   West Ham   4a 63  
  Henry E.   LONGMORE   West Derby   8b 308  
  Josiah O.   LONGMORE   Birmingham   6d 118  
  Priscilla   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 649  
  William   LONGMORE   West Bromwich   6b 676